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    BZPB: Unending

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    Prelude to Incursion

    Post by redwolfmoon99 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:41 am

    [ Throne Room, Castle Mogoch-Tesai, Byron ]

    "Units are already being dispatched to secure the town." Major Garat replied as one of his bodyguards who had pulled up a holo interface earlier to record the exchange relays the orders to Atlas forces. "The majority of our forces will hold position there as a forward base of operations until further Atlas reinforcements arrive."

    The Atlas Galactic Security officer turned to Ulaa and nodded his head in respect.

    "A pleasure to meet you as well, Representative Ulaa. Atlas Galactic Security and the Atlas Corporation extends our greetings to the Asimov Collective. It is our hope that this mutual alliance may lead to greater things in the future, and though unfortunately I am not authorised to pursue further diplomatic arrangements, a larger Atlas battle group will soon be en route to Byron for further diplomatic and military aid."

    At a signal from the Major, Garat's bodyguard from earlier approached the two, his holo interface now depicting the hidden Atlas cruiser's live feed of a crippled Asimov Collective mining vessel.

    "Another matter that I wish to bring to attention is the damaged vessel currently in Byronite orbit we have detected upon our arrival. Is this ship affiliated with the Asimov Collective?"


    [ Culhwch, Near Goti Desert, Byron ]

    The town of Culhwch near the Goti desert was a large but rather unremarkable settlement, not really of any notable importance except as a place to rest and resupply for those heading out into the harsh, unforgiving Goti desert, or as a minor trading hub for those heading to the Mogoch-Tesai capital. Travellers passing through often only stay for not more than a couple of days and the denizens of the town are generally detached from the politics and power plays of the Mogoch-Tesai government.

    With the advent of the most recent clan wars over the United Byronite Throne, however, the town's strategic importance is finally brought to light, as its location makes it an extremely advantageous staging point for any army invading Mogoch-Tesai territory and an ideal supply center for Mogoch-Tesai forces wishing to strike at neighbouring territories. It is on this basis that the vanguard forces of Atlas Galactic Security on Byron are tasked with securing and fortifying the town as a barrier against incursions into Mogoch-Tesai territory.

    When the Atlas forces came, the inhabitants of Culhwch could only watch as foreign Atlas troops marched into the town and their vehicles simply rolled over any and all obstacles in their way, whether they be trees, fences or small structures. Those few that tried to resist the foreign occupation of their home were swiftly dealt with by the uncaring Atlas soldiers, their bloodied and battered forms unceremoniously thrown into the nearest building, before the town is placed under lockdown and a curfew is declared for the safety and protection of the civilian population.

    With the local populace effectively cowed, it wasn't long before Culhwch was transformed into a literal fortress by Atlas forces. Buildings are strengthened and fortified with designated kill zones manned by Atlas vanguard troops. A huge minefield was created in the Goti desert leading to the town, the deadly explosives triggered by machines and organics alike. Highly advanced anti aircraft defenses and surveillance systems were erected throughout the town and around the perimeter, on a huge defensive wall enclosing Culhwch. And in the town square itself was a battery of 'Peltast' Light Rail Artillery, ready to unleash destruction on targets well out of sight of the town.

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    Re: BZPB: Unending

    Post by Heat on Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:42 am

    <Goti Desert, Tesari/Mogoch-Tesai Border Region>

    Aster lay on the ground, stunned, as snippets of conversation began to reach her mind. Jorten was facing off against a strange man, who seemed to be demanding Cassandra come with him. She immediately put two and two together - if a bounty hunter had found them, then he could soon realise how valuable a prize she might be...

    The shape-shifter suddenly rose as quietly as she could, transformed her arm into a tentacle, and flung it at Kandar's neck, hoping to choke him.


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    Re: BZPB: Unending

    Post by Klak on Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:02 am

    <Goti Desert, Tesari/Mogoch-Tesai Border Region>

    Jorten Karzdus looked around in the midst of his confrontation with Izzy Kandar, noticing Rickard and Clearwater's vehicle in the distance.

    Jorten: "HEY! OVER HERE!"

    He was attempting to distract the bounty hunter (one that was clearly insane) so that he could formulate an escape plan. Luckily, Aster grabbed Izzy's neck with her tentacle, choking him.

    Izzy: "NICE!"

    He gasped for air, then pulled out more pistols with his remaining three arms. All four weapons fired at the tentacle. Meanwhile, Jorten tried to get the attention from Rickard by firing a flare he conveniently had in his pocket.

    OOS: Start remembering what you read.  Smile

    Cassandra was distracted from this chaos, remaining focused on one of the 'trinkets' (though artefacts would be a better word for such large and ancient things). She reached for it while noticing that it was about the size of what we would call a frisbee, and picked it up, holding it with both hands. Cromwell's eyes observed various rings dividing a series of images and inscriptions. Most of it was in an ancient language she did not understand, but on the outermost ring she saw that there were figures that seemed somewhat familiar. A sea serpent and a man with a sun on his head appeared to be chasing two people, a man and a woman, wearing masks. The masked figures were themselves chasing two warriors with futuristic armor (or at least futuristic for the time this was written in). The warriors were after a man carrying a beaker riding on the backs of two insects that, in turn, were chasing a robot and a soldier. This pair was after two other soldiers of an unidentified army. The chase continued, and included several others, including a bearded man, until the design deviated into a small path that led directly to the center of the artefact. Cassandra Cromwell saw something shimmering in the sunlight at the center, as though someone's image appeared in the center.

    She decided to stop trying to interpret this, and set it down. Perhaps someone in a nearby city would be willing to buy the artefact.

    OOS: Carry on.

    A rickety sign was awkwardly stuck in a dune. It read "Culhwch", and pointed to the west of the group's location.


    <Megacity of New Constantinople, Algiers-5>

    The PI smiled, recognizing the Gwinoddi tongue. He had dabbled in the language a number of years ago, enabling him to understand some of the gryphons in the slums. It was a business tactic, really. Though the PI could not speak it without embarrassing himself, he knew enough to understand what others were saying so that he could respond in a more standard tongue.

    ???: "My client wouldn't like their name revealed just yet. All I can tell you is that they're part of the high society here at Algiers. Now, unless history is repeating itself and a war is coming, this is good news for you. Let's just say they've taken an interest in you. My job isn't to ask why, I'm just supposed to find you and take you there. Come on, fly me up there, I'll give you directions. If you try dropping me, you'll be sorry."

    He inhaled what was left of his cigarette while staring at Pippin, then dropped it to the ground. The PI crushed it with his boot, the ashes spilling under his foot.

    ???: "Let's go."


    <Throne Room, Castle Mogoch-Tesai, Byron>

    Zavtich looked into the sky and noticed the positioning of the sun.

    Zavtich: "My apologies, but I must leave. Kreel! Take our guests to the parlor room for refreshments, and so that they may discuss other diplomatic matters. Have my cousin greet them later on for any assistance."

    Kreel, a human aide, nodded at Zavtich and warmly pointed towards the door so that Ulaa and Major Garaat could follow him.

    Zavtich: "May your wisdoms shine upon Byron. I will join you shortly."

    The Chieftain made his way back into the darkness, entering a secret room near his throne.

    OOS: Start remembering what you read Smile

    As Zavtich walked through the hallway, he summarized recent events in his head. The man had tremendous foresight, preparing for events no matter how far they seemed.

    Zavtich: "The pairs are appearing, the prophecy is being fulfilled. Some, like the Archs, are missing, but they will appear in time. That means they are coming. They will return."

    An agent went up to Zavtich and whispered to him what Mogoch-tesai intelligence had just learned. One of these things was that the Tesari and the Vyandrir, a group of Dantos Cal who had oppressed the minor clan of Khaled, had formed an alliance.

    Zavtich: "Thank you. One more step towards the United Byronite Throne...and to the inevitable."


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    Re: BZPB: Unending

    Post by JS on Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:13 am

    < Goti Desert >

    A huge explosion lit up the viewscreen of the Jormungandr. Lord Bale looked on in horror.

    "What happened?"

    "One of our tank battalions was just wiped out near Culhwch! They've heavily fortified the entire area with mines, sir! They've - they've turned the entire town into a fortress!"

    "Ready the nuclear pulse cannon." ordered Kadmon, without so much as moving from her spot at the rear of the bridge. Bale rose hurriedly from his command throne, and turned to her.

    "Belay that order!" he said, looking over his shoulder to the bridge technicians, before looking back to his guest. "Is that how you Kanos Jai conduct a war? Using weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations?"

    Kadmon turned her head upwards, her eyes meeting with Bale's in an attempt to intimidate him. "It worked in Shangri-La."

    Bale turned his head away in disgust. "I don't know where Shangri-La is, but on Byron, we exercise civility in all matters. Noblesse Oblige - a concept you would do well to study up on, girl." he said, returning to his command throne. "Take us to battle-stations, and ready all weapons. We will now set course for Culhwch!"

    As the Jormungandr changed her heading for Culhwch, four ports opened up at the front of her aircraft-carrier-esque hull, from which four sets of railgun rails protruted. Sitting in the firing chamber of one of them, EB-2187 completed the final pre-flight checks on his Gottale, a fighter jet resembling a Dassault Rafale. He looked across the hangar to the fighter next to him, and gave a thumbs-up to his blue-skinned waifu, Melda Deisnutz. She gave a wink back, before launching out of the hangar. EB-2187 readied himself, and pushed forwards on the throttle.

    "Woah, hey guys. Welcome to the Danger Zone!" he said, before his Gottale was caught in the magnetic field of the launch catapult and shot out of the ship. He accelerated even further, falling into formation with the rest of the Jormungandr's fighter compliment, as they approached Culhwch's AA radius. A voice cut across the helmet feeds of Lean squadron - that of Captain Lean himself.

    "Alright, gentlemen. Our task is to neutralize the enemy AA so that the Jormungandr can get in close enough to mop up the rest of the town's defences with its railguns. A defeat here means that our land army won't be able to progress further towards the capital - I don't need to tell you what that means for the rest of our war efforts. And for those of you who fought in Khaledia - just remember that we're not up against government forces this time. These are foreign mercenaries - the best of the best. Keep your fucking guard up."

    "Roger that." replied EB-2187, as the proximity warning on his radar alerted him to another fighter approaching from the direction of the Jormungandr. A fighter resembling an Su-47 Berkut shot past the squadron, closing in on the town.

    "Looks like Bale sent the Arc out, too. Is she working with us?" asked Deisnutz.

    "She's not working against us." replied Captain Lean. "I think that's the most we can count on." he added, accelerating. Kadmon darted around the AA fire sent up to intercept her, twisting and turning between the blasts like an ice dancer; bringing her nose down, she made for the centre of the town and the rail artillery stationed within. Lean Squadron ignited their afterburners, and followed her in.


    < Goti Desert, Kara's Ship >

    Having caught sight of Jorten, Rickard and Clearwater drove up to the ship, and rolled out, aiming their weapons at the group. Only when Rickard caught the sight of a certain eye-patch wearing girl did he lower his gun, looking over to her in confusion.


    Kara sat up, scratching her head. Her eyebrows shot up. "...Dad?"

    "What - what are you doing here? I thought you were interrogating Malychar?"

    "Yeah, well, turns out Malychar works for Kanos Jai. Worked for Kanos Jai, even."

    "Kanos Jai? Is he on Byron?" he asked. Kara nodded. Rickard frowned. "That explains... a lot."

    "A lot?"

    "We were attacked by one of his followers."

    "Arc Kadmon." said Clearwater, in a thick Japanese accent. "I have been tracking her for a long time - I'm part of a guild of art thieves, and she stole something we'd been casing for a very long time."

    "No, that can't be right." replied Rickard. "The Kanos Jai we know is more into mass murder than appreciating fine art."

    "Oh, it's a powerful weapon, too. But we never wanted it for that reason. It's called the Glass of Ages - it's said to be one of the most beautiful artefacts in existence."

    "But now Kanos Jai has it?" asked Kara.


    She turned away, clutching the Lance of Avalon. "Then we need to stop him - now, more than ever."

    "He'll be biding his time for the final battle of this war - just like he did in Syria. He has no interest in partaking in the wars he starts until the closing moments - a dramatist to the core." replied Rickard.

    "Then this war will end in the streets of the Mogoch-Tesai capital." replied Clearwater. "Lord Bale is already on his way there - he wants Zavtich's head."

    "So we'll go there." replied Kara, turning back to them. "And we'll bring an army of our own."

    "An army?" asked Rickard, perplexed.

    Kara grinned, and turned back to the passengers of her ship, half of whom were sprawled out across the desert floor. She cleared her throat loudly enough to temporarily pause the fight that had been occurring in the background.

    "Listen up, fuckboys! I know we've only known each other for a few minutes, and that those minutes might not have been the most... enjoyable, but I feel I've really bonded with the lot of you, and I have a feeling deep down that you're all good people. Ex- Except maybe you, Izzy." he said, pointing to the four-armed bounty hunter. "Sorry, nothing personal. Anyway, I suppose what I'm saying is... This guy - Kanos - is pure evil. The worst guy I ever knew. When I was a kid, he... came to my village, shot everyone above the age of fourteen, and made the rest of us join his army. That's how I lost my eye." she added, pointing to her face. "And he's going to carry on doing that, again and again, on a thousand different worlds until somebody puts a stop to him. So I'm thinking - why don't we do that? And even better, why don't we do it today?"

    Clearwater whispered into her ear. "The capital is two day's drive from here."

    "Why don't we do it this week?"

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    Re: BZPB: Unending

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