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    BZPB: To The Limits of Holy Teachings

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    BZPB: To The Limits of Holy Teachings

    Post by JS on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:10 am

    - The following takes place in the Evangelical Era Universe -

    Squad Sigma – Zion’s elite recon team. Their exploits are not famous, and that’s because they’re so good at their job. They get in; they get out, and no-one ever notices they’ve struck. They’re ice cold killers, and that’s how they like it. Their leader is the famous Zev Raregroove, a former mercenary turned government tool. His accomplices are Prudence, Namah, Vi and Shepard – John Shepard. This is the story of their last mission, and the beginning of the end for Zion.

    Shepard finished attaching the bomb to the hull of the ship. Giving the two-finger signal to the rest of Squad Sigma, he kicked off from the hull of the ship, out into the darkness of space and towards the waiting stealth shuttle.

    “Smooth job guys, that’s just how I like it~!” Spoke Zev over the radio channel. Shepard sighed.

    “That’s easy for you to say. You didn’t move a muscle” He replied.

    “Keke. Well, Someone’s gotta watch over you all~!” Replied Zev, his humorous tone fading.

    Shepard looked to his sides. The rest of Squad Sigma were there, wearing armoured spacesuits and carrying an exotic variety of weapons.

    “I can’t wait to get back home, Zevvy-chan~!” Spoke Namah through the radio.

    “I bet you can’t. You young ‘uns never can. Not like us old guys. We respect the Battlefield – It’s our home” Spoke Shepard, in an arrogant tone.

    “ZEVVY! He just spoke down to me! Punch him and hit him!” Screamed Namah, causing Prudence to raise her hands to her ears in vain – She was wearing a sound-proof space helmet, after all.

    “Hehe... Calm do- Wait! Stop” Shouted Zev, as the Squad approached a floating figure in space, and slowed to a halt. It was dead, clearly, but towered over the Squad.

    “Guah~! Zevvy, make the bad man go away~! Eeeeh!” Screamed Namah, finger pointed at the Figure angrily.

    “It’s Blackout” Spoke Shepard, as the rest of the squad fell silent.

    “Shepard? Are you sure?” Asked Zev, in a worrying tone.

    “I’m certain” Replied Shepard.

    “Then... Then it’s not a biggie. We killed him in the Second Unification wars, Right?” Replied Zev, Fear creeping through his words.

    “Yeah, Zevvy? Nothing to fear. Nothing to fear. Nothing to- GUAAAH HE’S MOVING! HE’S MOVING~!!” Screamed Namah, as Blackout’s eyes started glowing yellow.

    “Get Back! Get back-!” Screamed Prudence, her face a visage of terror, as Blackout lunged forward with his two fists, Shoving two blades through Prudence’s stomach.

    “Oh god~! He’s got me! He-“

    Blackout pulled the two blades apart, ripping prudence to shreds in a flash of red blood.

    “RUN~! RUN~!” Screamed Namah, as she turned around and activated her boosters. Blackout activated his and flew underneath her.

    “Namah, No!!” Screamed Zev, as he saw her head roll limply off into space with a slash of Blackout’s incredibly powerful blades. Zev activated his boosters and flew straight to the Ship they had mined earlier at incredible speed. He was about halfway there when he turned around and saw Shepard’s limp, lifeless body in the distance, surrounded by a cloud of frozen blood, Blackout no-where in sight. Then he turned around.


    Blackout Grabbed Zev, holding him firm and horizontally in both hands.

    “Any last words?”

    Blackout readied his leg.

    “Yeah. Go to hell”

    With a satisfying crack, Blackout brought Zev down onto his knee, as the mined ship exploded behind the two.

    “Been there, done that. Didn’t think much too it”

    To Be Continued...
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    Re: BZPB: To The Limits of Holy Teachings

    Post by Klak on Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:34 am

    Pretty cool, but a little violent.


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