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    BZPB Best of 2016 Nominations

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    BZPB Best of 2016 Nominations

    Post by Kon on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:48 am

    Yes, it's that time of year again: The BZPB Best of 2016 Nominations!

    If any of you are unfamiliar with this contest, it's a contest we hold at the beginning of every new year where we nominate things from the previous year of BZPB that we thought were the best in their respective categories. There's no real point to this contest, it's just for fun.

    This year, the categories are:

    • Best New Serious Character
    • Best New Joke Character
    • Best RPG Post
    • Best Subplot
    • Best Battle

    Here's a rundown on what you can nominate:

    • Best New Serious Character
    Pretty self-explanatory. You can nominate any serious character who first appeared in any RPG or story in 2016.

    • Best New Joke Character
    Same rules as above, but applied to joke characters.

    • Best RPG post
    Any post that was made in any RPG in 2016.

    • Best Subplot
    Pretty self-explanatory.

    • Best Battle
    Again, self-explanatory.

    There will also be three bonus polls that will open when nominations for the other categories close: Best RPG, Best TMP Chapter, and Best Non-TMP Story Chapter. Accepting nominations for these categories would be pointless because there is little to choose from - you can count all the possible eligible entries for each category on one hand - so I will list all RPGs and chapters in the polls so people can vote on their favorite instead.

    Non-TMP stories have their own category because I feel like it would be unfair for them to compete against the behemoth that is TMP, seeing as the other stories we had last year were much shorter and easily overshadowed. Not many other stories came out last year because a lot of us were still either writing TMP or playing RPGs instead. However, we did get some nice Tales from the Superverse, which took the form of letters written by SORAverse characters, and my bad and unfinished side story Alien Intervention. I'm also considering including DRJ's story Visions of Angels in this category, even though it was posted in 2017, because it was pretty darn cool and it only missed the deadline by a day Razz. Let me know if you agree.

    So there you have it. Please format your nominations like this:

    Best New Serious Character: (name)
    Best New Joke Character: (name)
    Best RPG Post: (name, link)
    Best Subplot: (name)
    Best Battle: (name)

    Nominations will close a week from now (Monday 9th January), at which point I will open polls for each category.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, there's no limit on how much you can nominate, so go nuts - but please keep all your nominations in one post to make them easier to sort through.
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    Re: BZPB Best of 2016 Nominations

    Post by Klak on Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:47 pm

    Best New Character:
    6 13, 6 13 Twitter Story
    PLUTUS, BZPB 2.20
    Naraka, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story
    Bravarius, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story
    Leon Trudeau, Visions of Angels
    Melchias Apolion, BZPB Unending
    Zavtich Mogoch-tesai, BZPB Unending

    Best New Joke Character:
    Xavier, The Mazkertis Paradox
    TMV, BZPB 2.20
    Gottimine Gottirei, BZPB Unending
    Punished Shrek, The Mazkertis Paradox
    Izzy Kandar, BZPB Unending and Weird Games: A SORAverse Story
    Kurt Lutz, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story
    Chad, The Mazkertis Paradox

    Best RPG Post:

    Domino Meets WDR, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story

    The Battle of Ostdurant, BZPB 2.20

    Tanar, 10 Years Later, BZPB 2.20

    PLUTUS Reveals His Ship, BZPB 2.20

    The Returns of Klak and Uteriach

    (Not to toot my own horn Razz)

    Saint Blank Intro

    Best Subplot:
    Vision of Angels (technically)
    Finding Remy Dantes, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story
    Byron, BZPB Unending

    Best Battle:
    Battle of Ostdurant, BZPB 2.20
    Teruga Prime Infiltration, Alien Intervention
    Battle of Kings District, Weird Games: A SORAverse Story


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