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    Random writings of an desprate Ossy

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    Random writings of an desprate Ossy

    Post by Srgt. Master on Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:41 pm

    Long story short: I was utterly bored at 2:50 am in a van with no wifi. Ferret managed to convince me to type this up and I promised to post the result. Wrote for about an hour before I managed to force sleep to take me at gunpoint again.

    Read crappy writing at own discretion.

    In case of unholy summonings I blame the Economy, Ynot, and Ferret for convincing me to write at 2am. In that order.

    ...Did I mention I blame Ynot? Cause I do. For no reason whatsoever. Yet I know he had something to do with it.

    Zero, the most important step

    “Stop! Thief!”

    Slipping through the crowds of the bazaar, a teen rushed through the packed mass of humanity, ignoring the calls of angry traders and pleas of beggars as she tried to open some distance between herself and the squad of city guardians that were giving chase. Holding on tightly to the hefty pouch she had pinched from the city guard’s captain, the teenaged thief began wondering just how valuable the contents were to be getting this kind of trouble on her. Vaulting over a lettuce vendor’s cart, she glanced back to see the guardsmen almost on top of her, despite her best efforts to open the gap over the course of the last hour. Ignoring the burning in her legs and her own dwindling reserves of stamina, she decided to take her escape to the rooftops. Running into a side pathway and spotting a man opening the door to his home, Vara twisted her body and slid through the door way, turning and kicking the door shut in the face of the surprised person before dashing up the stairs towards the rooftop.

    It was only a few seconds later that she heard the door being slammed open by the heavy boot of the guardians followed by the unmistakable sound of stomping feet up the stairs.

    Climbing the stairs two at a time, the teen practically flew up the stairs, stopping to catch her breath while she tried to remember
    which side of the building overlooked the rooftops. Seeing the flashing of steel in the stairway behind her (How can they be that fast in all that armor?! She thought to herself), the teen chose a side blindly and ran. Not stopping to consider her decision, she leapt through the window at the end of the hallway, squinting as she smashed through the glass and into open air beyond.
    It took her a split second to regret her decision of choosing this particular window.

    While the house did indeed overlook the rooftops of the nearby houses, the one window she had jumped through just happened to face a blacksmith’s workshop, a building which was open and squat compared to just about everything around it, not to mention filled with barrels of freshly made weapons placed pointy-side up. Effectively she had about 3 stories’ worth of falling to regret her life. Helpless to do much else besides fall, the teen prayed that she had somehow underestimated her jump, and would land safely on the rooftop instead of impaling herself on the spears and swords of the displays. Colors began to blur around her as she began falling faster, and the teen closed her eyes shut, feeling dizzy as everything began spinning. She held onto the pouch with one hand, trying to pretend that she was just jumping into her bed after escaping the guard instead of falling to her death.

    Suddenly the dizziness stopped, and she landed with a ‘whump !’ on something hard and solid.

    Eyes snapping open, she looked around, laughing nervously as she realized she had somehow landed on the roof of the blacksmith’s shop, somehow managing to cross over the display stands of spears and blades between the roof and the window she had lept out of. Standing up slowly, she didn’t question her luck as she noticed the city guardian staring at her from the window across the street, and ignoring the pain in her body, she turned and ran, having managed to open the gap she needed to disappear into the ocean of humanity that inhabited the city. She didn’t get too far though before she staggered under a sudden wave of fatigue, her sight narrowing to a single point before passing out on the rooftop. Collapsing and rolling off the roof, her form was caught by a man who had witnessed her entire chase, and had witnessed her jump. Twisting around in place, the man disappeared from existence with the girl just as the city guardians arrived, trying in vain to catch sight of where the thief was.
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    Re: Random writings of an desprate Ossy

    Post by Ferret-X on Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:53 pm

    I think that came out pretty well actually!
    My main point of nitpicking is you refer to her as 'teen' way too much. Pronouns are okay to spam. Really.
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    Re: Random writings of an desprate Ossy

    Post by Yenot on Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:00 pm

    Very interesting story. It seems like you intend to continue it, but it also seems to work well stand alone.
    Well done, mate.
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    Re: Random writings of an desprate Ossy

    Post by Klak on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:53 pm

    Ferret-X wrote:I think that came out pretty well actually!
    My main point of nitpicking is you refer to her as 'teen' way too much. Pronouns are okay to spam. Really.

    ^ Pretty much this. Otherwise, this is really interesting and engaging! I can't wait to see where this leads.


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    Re: Random writings of an desprate Ossy

    Post by Heat on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:34 pm

    Ynot wrote:Very interesting story. It seems like you intend to continue it, but it also seems to work well stand alone.
    Well done, mate.

    I don't really agree that it works well alone, but it's still a pretty good story. I hope you'll continue it, Sarge!

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    Re: Random writings of an desprate Ossy

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