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    Post by Malygos on Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:42 am

    If this is your first time here, please first look Here first. This is the topic for role playing in the Shadowmoor RPG. Standard rules apply.


    Dralgus smiled. The Inkfathom gang had done well, bringing home even more magical artifacts than usual. The kithkin village had put up a good fight - but they had failed to protect their precious magics. One tome in particular intrigued Dralgus. "Gravelgill, give me that."

    Reluctantly, the black-scaled brute handed Dralgus the tome. Grinning, Dralgus took the book, handing Gravelgill a kithkin axe in exchange. "We raid again tomorrow. We have done well, my brothers! Gaze upon what riches you've claimed.". The Inkfathom gang looked greedily at the cache of treasure, eventually taking what each wanted.

    Dralgus grinned at his piece of loot. This was a book of great power, as witnessed by the kithkin wizard he claimed this off of. Soon, Dralgus Talrand would have that power. The power of summoning.

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