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    Shadowmoor Sign-Up and Character Sheets



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    Shadowmoor Sign-Up and Character Sheets

    Post by Malygos on Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:28 am

    Welcome to Shadowmoor.

    The darkest faerie tale. Remember those tales when merfolk gave you advice, elves guided you through their forest, and faeries took you to their magical garden to be lavished with gifts?

    These are not those times. Want that story? Read some. This is Shadowmoor, and it is of the night.

    There are no humans - only creatures who rule this night with strength, with fear, with greed, with chaos.

    Shadowmoor is a realm of dark faerie stories, where the fae kidnap you, the little folk drive you off, the boggarts eat your arms, and the merfolk rob you dry.

    Character sheet template:

    Powers and Skills:
    Which race hates you most:
    Extra notes:

    Races of Shadowmoor:

    These are three-foot high humanoid creatures that are known for being extremely agile. Their skin and hair generally fit within human ranges. The kithkin have oversized white or gold irises and no pupils.

    They are the most "civilized" race, being the ones usually to build permanent settlements and form governmental institutions. Kithkin society is very orderly and cohesive, with many kithkin banding together against a common foe remarkably often.

    They are linked by an empathic web called thoughtweft, linking each kithkin to a greater consciousness from which they can broadcast and receive emotions and thoughts. As a result, kithkin are usually paranoid and conformist, believing anything different is destructive to their way of life and should be removed, violently if necessary. A kithkin found to be breaking the traditions and laws is usually exiled, severed from the thoughtweft. Kithkin rarely respond well to this, often going mad and killing themselves or others.

    Kithkin specialize in light magic.

    Elves resemble Tolkienian elves, beautiful, tall, imperious creatures with pointed ears. They have gold eyes and antlers upon their heads.

    Elven society is clannish and nomadic, with the most beautiful individuals generally leading each tribe as druids and princes. Elves work together well, given their racial pride and prejudice - elves work together to expel what they see as the ugliness of Shadowmoor.

    The ugliness of Shadowmoor, of course, refers to all other creatures. Elves are princely and beautiful, and narcissistic. Racial supremacists to the extreme, the elves would kill or mutilate all who do not fit their vision of perfection, devouring their remains. Their obsession with appearance makes them often distraught with Shadowmoor's ugliness.

    Elves specialize in nature magic.

    Faeries are winged creatures of dimuntative size, often a foot tall or less. They often are insect-like in appearance, looking often like insects turned into humanoid creatures, with black eyes and hair.

    Though faeries seem unpredictable, faeries ultimately respond to the authority of their mistress (who is always female). This queen orders faeries according to her whims. She can be discerned from the others by her often being shrouded in flowers, and usually especially good at magic. Some speculate that this is how she retains control of her mischievous horde.

    Faeries love trickery. They live to trick others into falling into some trap, which can range from the embarrassing to the fatal. Faeries live for that moment when they have someone completely fooled - even, sometimes, other faeries. Faeries band together due to one particularly intelligent leader finding ways to control them, and often faerie swarms are formidable combatants.

    Faeries specialize in wind magic.

    Merrow are the merfolk of Shadowmoor, fish-headed creatures with long, finned tails and scales all over their bodies. Merrow are agile, and capable of moving by slithering on land. Merrow can breathe both water and air.

    Merrow society is based around wealth. The merrow who has claimed the most wealth is considered the greatest by the other merrow. Often pirate bands will form around a particularly intelligent or charismatic merrow, for the benefit of all - most of all the captain. The Merrow Lanes, a series of waterways around Shadowmoor, go everywhere. It is difficult to find a place of any wealth that the merrow have not found a way to.

    Merrow are greedy, murderous cutthroats and thieves. Theft is considered the greatest way to accrue wealth by a merrow, although trickery is honored as well. Wealth can refer to anything - money, pretty carvings, gems, anything that has value. Merrow rarely adorn themselves - preferring to keep their ill-gotten goods in a cave that serves as a merrow's home.

    Merrow favor water magic.

    Boggarts are easily identifiable, but not easily describable. Some are fat, some thin, some spotted, some orange, some red, some goat-headed, some horned, some tusked, and most have a combination of these characteristics. Always, however, they are extremely ugly.

    Boggarts are sense freaks of the worst kind, and care little for their own safety. Often a boggart will overdose on an addictive plant or eat to bursting - these are considered fine deaths by boggart standards. Boggarts believe in reincarnation and have high birth rates, and don't care about death. Boggarts also love destruction, smashing things just for the enjoyment of smashing them - especially things of value and beauty.

    Boggarts sometimes organize into roving gangs for mutual hedonism, and more fun smashing things. Often they are led by the strongest boggart or the eldest, but usually they do not last long, as boggarts are individualists to the extreme.

    Boggarts specialize in fire magic.

    Giants are massive, sluggish humanoids who sleep for long periods of time. They are often covered in plants and rocks from earlier sleep periods, with elder giants having trees on their backs occasionally.

    Giants are brutish and apathetic, uncaring of who they destroy on their journey and unstoppable when angered. Giants have a distaste towards the little folk, and consider them beneath their perception, unless they are roused to anger, in which they react with destructive force. They are long-lived and are occasionally sought as sources of information by the foolhardy.

    Giants are solitary creatures, and have no visible society.

    Giants specialize in earth magic.

    My character:
    Name: Dralgus Talrand

    Species: Merrow

    Appearance: Dralgus is a merrow with greenish-blue scales going to black around his belly, and an ugly fish-like head with razor sharp teeth. His form is lithe, due to life dodging kithkin and stealing their tomes, with black fins and a strong tail.

    Powers and skills: Dralgus is an excellent thief, agile, and a deft wielder of a spear he stole from an elvish patrol. In addition to his sharp intelligence and adept use of water magic, Dralgus also has dabbled in light and nature magic, learned from tomes he stole from the elves and kithkin.

    Backstory: Born on the Merrow Lanes, Dralgus quickly learned how to lie, murder, and steal his way to survival. Eventually, he made an art of the theft - but he was never satisfied with merely stealing trinkets. One day, Dralgus snuck his way to the surface and found a passing kithkin scholar. He found wondrous texts, and intellectual satisfaction - but he wanted more. The only thing matching Dralgus's greed is his intellectual curiosity. He eventually assembled a gang - impressed with Dralgus's new skill in magic and his excellent planning - this Inkfathom gang shortly became the most infamous gang in that section of the Merrow Lanes, especially among elves and kithkin, the usual targets of the raids for magical lore.

    Which race hates him most: Kithkin. Due to his usual target being the magically-adept kithkin, Dralgus and the rest of the Inkfathom gang have prices on their heads in most kithkin villages.

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