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    WereWorld FAQ

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    WereWorld FAQ

    Post by Ferret-X on Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:01 pm

    This topic is for any questions in regard to the WereWorld setting, and also in the interest of not inundating the main topic with minor details. Simply ask and I will add them to the main topic.

    What is the tech level?
    The technology in WereWorld is a tad strange. As the vampires are a high-magic society with an invested interest in population control there is no internet in WereWorld (baw). The vampires did retain certain technologies such as electric lighting, and of course modern plumbing. Cars probably wouldn't be present as the vampires would see it as an instant mark of low-class to if you were in that much of a hurry not simply magic yourself to the desired location. This has the effect of forcing low-power vampires to set-out weeks ahead of time in order to make it to places in a classy fashion.
    Goods are transported, as well as weres on a network of trains or boats.
    Little technology is truly lost, and is more often limited by the amount of books a vampire is willing to sift through.

    How is time measured?
    A: The year is measured as 12050 AD to simplify things. In the setting they'd probably reset the calendar after the cataclysm making it 10000 BM (lol) They also probably wouldn't be speaking anything recognizable as English either. Just consider it a translation convention and move on.

    Why do the vampires take harm from the sun?
    A: In case anybody gets bright ideas about building a giant UV lamp as an anti-vampire superweapon it wouldn't work. Vampires are greatly weakened by the presence of the sun thanks to its importance in many religions.

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