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    Misaki Raregroove High School

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    Misaki Raregroove High School

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:14 pm

    *Two Makuta in white uniforms stand before a plain school*

    *The taller of the two, wearing a Kanohi Pehkui, simply smirks at the school and walks into the courtyard*

    [ This is Sprenger, a Makuta built around a weakened wisp of Blackout's Antidermis. Using his own force and the resources devoted by his "father", Sprenger has taken control of over twenty high schools for those with outstanding abilities. Now, however, he faces a great challenge.]

    *The other Makuta is shorter, and wears a dark blue Kanohi Pakari*

    [ And that is Sprenger's Lackey.]

    Lackey: Hey, Sprenger, wait for me man!

    *They have ended up in the halls outside of a classroom*

    Sprenger: Heh. This school shall be all too easy to trample underfoot.

    Lackey: Yeah...They'll be begging for mercy in no time!

    Sprenger: *Slides the door open with a flourish* - !! ... ... ...

    *Standing there is a man, two heads taller, with shortcut brown hair and a thick mustache. He wears black pants with red suspenders, combat boots, and no shirt, displaying his heavy muscles and hairy chest*

    ???: ... ... ...

    Sprenger: ... ... ... *Closes the door gently* ...I had not anticipated this predicament.

    Lackey: What is it, boss!? You look pale!! ...Well, your mask kinda does, I can't tell about your face.

    Sprenger: Well, there was a...Guy. And he...Kinda...Looked like a professional wrestler.

    Lackey: Come on, man! You've seen plenty of badasses before!!

    Sprenger: You don't get it!! This guy is not your average street punk!!

    Lackey: Now, boss...Please, calm down, and think rationally.

    Sprenger: Alright...Yes. I can easily plan around this. Hmhmhm.

    Lackey: Heheheh...Heheh, heheheheheheh~!

    Sprenger: Ku~fufufufu! Ku~hahahahahahahahaha~!

    *They both share in maniacal laughter*

    *Outside, the sky turns gray and overcast*

    *The lights flicker briefly*

    Sprenger: But seriously, you've gotta see him for yourself.

    Lackey: Yeah, I'm interested in him now.

    *The door is slid open again*

    Mystery Badass: *Is sitting in a desk, calmly reading his textbook*

    *Meanwhile, as Zev stands behind and Makoto stands in front of him, they slap around on his head wildly*

    Zev: Hey, come on Freddie, get out of my seat! That's my seat!

    Makoto: Yeah! This isn't even your classroom, man! Get up! Get up!

    Namah: *Sighs* You dumbasses. Our classroom is next door.

    *The two of them continue slapping Freddie on the head, as he continues reading*


    Zev: Hey Freddie, guess what? We came into the wrong classroom today!



    Sprenger: ... ... ...

    Lackey: ...Was the guy who scared you...The one who they were slapping on the head?

    Sprenger: Yeah. I'm just as surprised by this turn of events as you are.

    *The two pause for a moment*

    Sprenger: ...Well, hopefully, Father can simply get him expelled before he poses any kind of competition to me.

    Lackey: *Cracks open the door* You know, he strikes me as a certain type of guy...

    Freddie: *Is licking a giant lollipop, smiling happily*

    Lackey: ...The kinda guy who comes back after being expelled, and acts like nothing ever even happened.

    Sprenger: *Eyes widen* In that case, we'd have no control over him!!

    Lackey: Get ahold of yourself! *Raises fist slightly, eyes aflame* Whatever this school can throw at us, we're Makuta! You are Blackout's Number One Strongest Young Makuta, and I am Blackout's Number Two Strongest Young Makuta!! We shall rule all!!

    Sprenger: You're right, My Lackey!! Let us make our declaration of war known to these peons!! *Throws open the door* - !! ... ... ...

    Lackey: ... ... ...

    *Standing in the doorway is some kind of cross between a Makuta and a Gorilla, with gigantic, mechanical arms, and armor plating all over*

    Makuta Gorilla: ... *Snort* ... *Looks back and forth* ... *Snort* ...

    Sprenger: ... ... ... *Gently closes the door* ... ... ... *Takes out cellphone, and dials calmly*

    Lackey: ... ... ... *Stares at the door, face serene* ... ... ...

    Sprenger: ... *His call patches through*


    Sprenger: Advisor, I don't care if he's busy, I have to talk to Daddy!!

    [ And that is how this story began. ]

    --- --- ---

    What do all of you think of this?


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