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    Post by Klak on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:50 am

    OP Theme

    You are a member of the ICSS in the year 1970, over 43 years since the incident in Rockbay City. You answer to the Director of the ICSS, Ezra Eiges, better known as The Shadow Operative. His many decades of experience, both as a superhero and a soldier, have made him into a legend. Though most of his colleagues are either dead or in retirement homes, replaced by new generations of SORA members, he still pushes on, holding all ICSS agents to the standards and values he has fought for all his life. For this reason, many ICSS members jokingly refer the organization “The Sense of Right Alliance 2”.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be detailed in a future post.


    Background Info:


    1. No god-modding.
    2. Resolve all disputes cordially.
    3. Keep it tasteful. If for some reason your character has objectionable views or experiences, we do not need a thorough exploration of them in a way that will offend your friends. That said, don't be afraid to explore the issues of the era.
    4. Any posting style goes.
    5. No character limits (tentative).
    6. The plots will be less serious than most RPGs, but there will be some realistic consequences in this RPG. NPC reactions will follow this maxim. Sharing any intel that you may receive either between your characters, or with characters owned by other Users, will cause problems.
    7. Typical BZPB warning/tempban/permaban system applies.
    8. No spamming.
    9. No flaming.
    10. No extensive controlling of other people’s characters, otherwise known as “bunnying”, without consent (unless you are GM).
    11. All out of character posts must be signaled as OOC or OOS.
    12. If you are unable to post for whatever reason, please notify the other players beforehand.
    13. Each of the plots, presented as “missions” will follow a ‘Monster of the Week’ format, with loose connections (if any) to one another (think James Bond). Thus, there won’t really be any arc villains at first (but there may be recurring villains), as each threat will be dealt with in its own plot, and the characters will move on to the next one. The mission begins with a briefing, and ends with the characters destroying the threat. Fresh starts all around.
    14. GMs of particular plots will be in charge of developing the setting as well as the antagonists. Each GM will be chosen randomly after the first mission, which will be led by yours truly. Everyone gets a shot at “directing” their own spy story. If you are unable to be GM, please inform everyone and assign someone else to act as GM in your place.
    15. The RPG is set in an alternate version of the 1970s. Use of 60s and 70s tropes is encouraged, as well as references to historical events.
    16. Due to the nature of the SORAverse, technology will be significantly more advanced in this era compared to how it was in our timeline. No smartphones or internet, but the tech is much like what would have been available in the 1980s.
    17. Characters should act appropriate to the time period. However, clashes between Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age types of characters are encouraged.
    18. Agents can possess all kinds of superpowers as long as a) they don’t start off as being too OP (no agents with abilities that heavily alter reality, or anything that seems god-like), b) they are somehow tied to Kø.

    • The above rule does not apply to villains or independents (we could foreseeably have a plot similar to Infinity War, for example), but enemies are encouraged to be killable.  However, your characters will be given the chance to “Level Up.” They will be able to either Enhance a Power, Gain a new Power (within reason), or Sharpen a Spy Skill After 3 level ups, your character will move up in their ICSS rank. With enough level ups, your character might become insanely powerful. Should you have a character idea that you feel may violate one of these rules, please let me know.

    19. Subplots allowed, of course!
    20. Have fun! This is a new, more experimental take on BZPB and the SORAverse.

    Factions: Characters can fit in any of these!

    ICSS: See background for story. Each member is either a “Novice”, an “Agent,” a “Special Agent” (often the most powerful aside from their handlers), or “Analyst”. All members answer to The Shadow Operative. The ICSS base is in an island in the Pacific Ocean.

    Other Intelligence Agencies: Operatives from agencies such as (but not limited to) the KGB, the CIA, MI6, DGSE, and MSS will occasionally work alongside and/or against the ICSS. The cloak and dagger world of espionage is full of clashing interests. Revealing your secret identity or any agency secrets could compromise the mission and put lives at risk. Choose your allies and enemies wisely. Note: Fictional spy agencies are encouraged, but their goals must be realistic, and they have to fit the time period.

    Wisemen: The Wisemen were once a unit within the United States Department of Justice. However, after the Rockbay Incident, their questionable tactics and nigh treasonous motives were subject to Congressional inquiry. The group's very existence was found to be in violation of the Posse Commitatus Act, and as such the organization was disbanded. However, Hans "Domino" Badouin, war hero and former leader of the group, led its remnants to Germany, where they formed a centrist militia that opposed both the Spartacists and the Freikorps in the wake of the Kaiser's abdication. After WWII, a conflict that Domino was instrumental in ending after his assassination of Hitler in the July 20 plot, the Wisemen were offered the chance to work for the US again. However, Domino refused. Still, Domino was considered for the leadership of the ICSS before the UNSC settled on the Shadow Operative, and the Wisemen worked alongside the organization in its earlier years. However, due to the many clashes and disagreements between Domino and the Shadow Operative, the two parted ways. Domino continues leading the Wisemen, despite his age. Players may find this faction working with them, against them, or neither.

    Villainous organizations (will be updated each plot):

    Independent: Individuals who are ultimately loyal only to themselves and their ideals. They might be mercenaries, black market dealers, or some other type of freelancer. Regardless of their profession, they are connected to the world of supers and spies, and may act as assets or enemies to ICSS agents.

    Civilians: The ICSS work in the shadows to protect and serve them. Given the clandestine nature of the RPG, no civilian characters are allowed to know about the inner workings of the organization. They don’t even know the ICSS exists.


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    Re: SORA

    Post by JS on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:28 am

    [ Somewhere in Alaska ]
    [ 1970 ]

    "They've forgotten about us, you know? People have forgotten about us."

    Emma paused, her gloved thumb resting on top of the round she had just loaded into her magazine. She looked over to Ahab, who had been staring wistfully out of the Huey before breaking his silence.


    "Jesus performed miracles." he continued, adjusting his seating. "Returned the dead to life, cured the blind - miracles. Nowadays, every other person can shoot lightning from their fingertips, or fly, or magic an arsenal of weapons out of thin air. His miracles don't quite seem so miraculous any more."

    "People didn't follow him because of his miracles." replied Emma, sliding the magazine of her XM177 into place, and slapping the bolt release home. "They followed him because of his message. They still do."

    "Do you?"

    Emma shrugged. "Not really."

    Ahab chuckled; the greyed veteran pulled his Remington 700 rifle free from the webbing running across the ceiling of the Huey, and racked the bolt.

    "Then it looks like you carried that cross for nothing."

    The Huey sunk low, barely clearing the mountaintops of the north Alaskan tundra. The rest of the striketeam onboard prepared themselves, as a pair of F4 Phantoms shot past the Huey, speeding ahead of it. Silence hung over the Huey, before the distant rumble of a series of explosions shook the helicopter.

    "Avatar 3-1." piped up a voice on the end of the radio. "Enemy AA is down; you are cleared to proceed."

    Alarm sirens sounded throughout the Thule base; soldiers rushed to defensive positions as the Huey swooped around overhead. Emma took hold of the descent rope, using as a bungee as she leapt from the Huey, firing her rifle in tight, short bursts as a squad of Thule soldiers ascended the ramp to the helipad. She touched down, sprinting in the direction of the central compound. She kicked open the door, throwing a frag grenade in before closing it again. His pistol at the ready, Ahab closed the clearing from the helipad to the compound, flanked on either side by the accompanying Delta Force members. The grenade exploded; Emma kicked the door in, and proceeded deeper into the facility.

    "The National Guard is 10 minutes out." announced Ahab, as the team descended a set of stairs . "We need to neutralize any supers before they get here, or this is going to be a bloodbath."

    The sounds of the gunfight raging above became but a faint echo as Emma rounded a corner, entering the central chamber of the compound; a multi-storey command center built around a central clearing. Machinegun fire rained down upon them; the team ran into cover behind two of the immense server towers filling the room. Ahab looked to Emma, and nodded. Ahab burst from cover, his body suffused in a red glow; where once had stood an American man of some 60 years now stood an Asian man of half that age, dressed not in modern military garb but the black uniform of a Ninja. he ran, becoming as shadow; machinegun fire traced his path, but had no effect on the shadowy aberration. Emma stood, a blue glow engulfing her; when it dissipated, her appearance was that of Naraka Isthar, the anomaly which had been absorbed into her reincarnation cycle. She leapt out of cover, materializing a pair of Narayanastra pods; they rocketed skywards, bringing down the balconies upon which the machinegun positions had been erected. A group of Thule soldiers burst into the room, accompanied by their commander. They aimed at the attackers, but did not fire. Emma readied an arrow, as the commander emerged from behind the cover of his men; He wore a long black overcoat and wide-brimmed hat, a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, his hand perched on the hilt of a Colt Single-Action Army slung across his hip. Instead of drawing and firing, he merely cast a wry grin towards Emma.

    "Naraka Ishtar. Now that's a face I thought I'd never see again."

    "It was my face before it was hers." retorted Emma. "I just took it back."

    The commander began to pace, as his soldiers looked amongst themselves uncomfortably.

    "Simon of Cyrene. I was there in Rockbay - back when you was called Remy. But you ain't him anymore, are you? Just the next iteration."

    "That's an astute observation."

    "And I know you ain't alone. You can show yourself, Longinus." replied the commander, looking off to the right; Ahab rematerialized from his shadow form, before reassuming his prime appearance, M1911 at the ready.

    "Surrender, Atticus." instructed Ahab. "This war is over. Let's go home."

    "You know I can't do that."

    "Think about your men." added Emma, tensing her draw arm.

    Atticus nodded. He raised a hand; his men dropped their rifles, stepping away from him and leaving the room.

    "It's just us. And now this war is over."

    Emma loosed her arrow. Atticus drew with superhuman speed; his first round cut Emma's arrow in half mid-flight, the second striking her directly in the chest. Her bodysuit absorbed the impact, but she was thrown backwards; Atticus turned and shot the first of Ahab's rounds out of the air, before fanning the hammer into his chest. Ahab flew backwards, blood trailing from his chest; Atticus slumped to the ground, clutchng at his stomach. Emma reverted to her original form, her face pale as snow; she looked mortified as she walked over to Ahab , cradling him.

    "Is he dead?" he asked, weakly. She looked over to Atticus's body, before nodding. Ahab sighed. "Well, that's Thule done for, so I guess it's not all bad. I... I suppose we'll be meeting again. So long, Simon."

    "So long, Longinus."

    And then, Simon of Cyrene found himself alone once more. Emma picked up Ahab's body, and began walking out of the compound.

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    Re: SORA

    Post by Klak Yesterday at 8:04 am

    <Vietnam, 1969>

    *The helicopter slowly landed in the clearing, having spent nearly an hour hovering over a nigh interminable jungle. A song started playing. They were finally at the American base.*

    *Several Marines stepped out, each cradling M16s. The remaining Marine sauntered out, clutching a burning cigar with a shit-eating grin. His name was Lance Lopez.*

    *Had you known him before the war, you would have thought that the caked mud and blood on his uniform would belie his nature. However, 'Nam changed Lance. But not entirely.*

    *Lance nodded at his fellow servicemen as he walked into the base. Some gave him high fives, others ignored him.*

    Staff Sgt. Lamatia: "Corporal Lopez!"

    Lopez: "Yeah?"

    Staff Sgt. Lamatia: "The Colonel wants to see you! You've screwed up yet again."

    *Lance Lopez laughed.*

    Lopez: "You call it a screw up, I call it genius."

    Staff Sgt. Lamatia: "Shut up and follow me."

    *Lopez followed the Staff Sgt., and they made their way to the Colonel's tent. Lamatia pulled back the veil to his superior officer's office, revealing a mustachioed middle-aged man sitting at a desk. The desk was mahogany, a surprising contrast to the rest of the makeshift office. On it were various pens, papers, a computer of sorts, and other things a Colonel would need. Sitting across from the Colonel was a woman wearing the uniform of a Soviet major. However, she also wore a United Nations armband on the left sleeve of her jacket.*

    *Lopez saluted the Colonel, hoping to comment on the mysterious woman later.*

    Lopez: "Corporal Lopez reporting, sir!"

    Col. Gilclack: "At ease, Corporal. Sit."

    *As he complied, Lopez opened his big mouth, still balancing the cigar.*

    Lopez: "Why are we letting commies into the base, Colonel?"

    *Gilclack sighed impatiently.*

    Col Gilclack: "This is Major Amelia Volkov. Former Soviet Major, now works for the United Nations alongside the Ambassador."

    *Lopez grinned and leaned over to Major Volkov*

    Lopez: "Fine by me. I always loved a woman in uniform."

    *The Colonel cringed. Major Volkov rolled her eyes, then grabbed Lopez's cigar. She dropped it to the ground, but before she could stomp on it with her boot, it suddenly reappeared in Lopez's mouth.*

    *Her eyebrows raised in slight surprise, and she nodded. She then spoke in a perfect American accent.*

    Major Volkov: "Your reputation precedes you, Corporal. Super speed."

    Lopez: "Not in everything."

    Major Volkov: "Oh yes, I'm sure you're fast where it counts."

    *The Colonel grit his teeth.*

    Colonel Gilclack: "Cut the shit, Lopez. Your raid on a North Vietnamese base yesterday put us in trouble. Apparently, there were Russian and Chinese operatives you killed."

    Lopez: "It's war, Colonel. They were on the wrong side."

    Colonel Gilclack: "I'd agree with you if they weren't wearing UN uniforms."

    Lopez's eyes widened.

    Lopez: "But sir, I-"

    Colonel Gilclack: "Save it. To avoid a diplomatic incident, we've agreed to transfer you to a unit where your skills might be more useful. In exchange, the Russians and Chinese will treat them as they really were."

    Lopez: "Rather convoluted, don't you think?"

    Colonel Gilclack: "Hey, whatever gets this RPG starting. Anyway, Major Volkov here will be your new handler. I'm finally rid of you."

    Lopez: "I like being handled. But I won't work for the UN or the Soviets."

    *Volkov rolled her eyes and tapped Lance Lopez on the head. The Corporal fell to the ground, unconscious.*

    Major Volkov: "We will have a lot of work to do, but his power could be useful."

    Colonel Gilclack: "Agreed."

    Major Volkov: "Of course, you know the protocol for this."

    Colonel Gilclack: "Right. You don't exist."

    *Volkov nodded. She and Lopez disappeared into thin air. The Colonel was taken aback.*


    <ICSS Base, 1 Year Later>

    *Lopez rubbed his face with warm water in front of the mirror, having just finished his morning shave. He sighed, hoping that today's would go well.*

    "Of course it will," he thought to himself. "I'm Lance freaking Lopez."

    *He exited the bathroom, just as cocky as he was before his life changed forever.*


    <Elsewhere in the base>

    *Director Ezra Eiges, better known as The Shadow Operative, paced around his office, observing various photographs. He sighed, remembering how far he's come since he had joined the Protectors at the age of 17. The fight against Thule, the expansion of the team, the Depression, the Second World War, Venezuela, and so much more. 4 decades of turbulence, with so many lives lost.*

    *The Shadow Operative pursed his lips. It had been many years, but he still missed his friends. Bravarius most of all. He privately cursed at Minatop again for never warning them about Bravarius's looming death during the War.*

    *He then sat as his desk, swiveling to the window behind him that showed the ICSS briefing room. On his desk was the photo of his own family.*

    So much has changed, he thought to himself. So much stays the same.

    *The Shadow Operative stood up, and made his way to the briefing room.*


    Apolion Industries Headquarters, New York City, 2 Months Earlier

    *The executive assistant walked into Mr. Apolion's office, carrying several folders full of forms and papers. The mammoth room full of books, statues, photographs, and psychedelia would have intimidated anyone else, but she was used to it. Working for Melchett Apolion for the past decade hardened her against his excesses, including his temper. Few things surprised her anymore, except this...*

    Mrs. Pimoq: "Mr. Apolion?"

    *She gasped, dropping all of the folders. Mrs. Pimoq crouched as she observed a pool of blood on the floor. Next to it was a note with a series of cut out newspaper letters on it.*


    Mrs. Pimoq rushed to a nearby phone.


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    Re: SORA

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