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    [MOC] Makuta Caiaphus

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    [MOC] Makuta Caiaphus

    Post by Kon on Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:38 am

    So, I've been feeling creative lately, and what better way to put that creative energy to use by playing with bionicle parts? The latest character I was asked to make a MOC of in my request topic was Caiaphus, but since that was over four months ago, I figured I'd better get a move on and make sure that this one would be worth the weight. As soon as I'd got my black, gold and blue pieces together (I'd always wanted to make a gold and blue Makuta for whatever reason), I got to work. I'd gotten a little further along than as seen here (head rebuilt, chest filled out, torso extended) when I realized that, as awesome as this was, it wasn't Caiaphus. My desire to build whatever I wanted had gotten a little in the way of my true mission - to recreate the characters that we know and love from the RPG in physical form as best I can. Immediately after, I got to work on a smaller, truer Caiaphus, based on what my imagination interpreted him as being like whenever I read Klak's posts. I imagine him as being a sort of Wormtongue-like figure - a man twisted by darkness. This told me two things. 1) His mask had to be black, like Grima's black hair, and it also had to be one that is not associated with Toa or the light. 2) He had to have at least a slight hunch, and look aged instead of youthful. That's the first reason I built up his back so much, with the second being that I only have an extremely small amount of Bionicle parts that are truly yellow instead of light orange, so I wanted to fit them all in if I could. I should also point out that this model is how I imagine Caiaphus' original form, not the one he has currently, or he'd have an Ultimix (Kraahkan).


    So, that's Caiaphus! Don't worry if you preferred the WIP blue version, I'll get around to finishing that too. In the meantime, you can shoot me some more requests in the request topic and tell me what you think of this one. Thanks, and have fun.
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    Re: [MOC] Makuta Caiaphus

    Post by Klak on Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:22 am


    While this is not how I imagined Caiaphus, this is definitely an excellent take on the character. The hunched back as well as the neat blend of black, gold, and yellow are all positive points for this MOC. Also, the sword is fantastic.

    This MOC is now canon (with an Ultimix, of course Razz). Great job, Kon!

    Thanks for taking my request, and making such an awesome MOC!


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