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    Do you want to take control of Ynot?

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    Do you want to take control of Ynot?

    Post by Yenot on Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:46 am

    Well, if you win this simple contest, you can. And all my other characters. In all the RPGs
    I'm leaving this site, for quite a while, and want to make sure Ynot and Co. live on in the right hands.
    Therefore, If you wish to throw your hat into the ring of controlling Ynot, Sasuken, Blade, and the rest, all you gotta do is write me a story. All entries are non canon, but serve the purpose of showing if you grasp the characters nature, style, and the like.
    The Topic for the contest is a Day in the Life of Sasuken. Each entry is to be through his eyes.
    Have fun, you have two weeks from now to post your stories.
    To keep things from cluttering the forum, just post them in this thread. It will also notify me when you do so I can read them faster.
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    Re: Do you want to take control of Ynot?

    Post by Heat on Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:20 am


    "You did what now?" Sasuken said, utterly amazed by what he had just heard.
    "I don't know how I can explain it more clearly." Zev Raregroove shrugged. "Blackout's gone. He's locked up in the nebula. We won't be seeing him for a long time." he said, pointing at the purple cloud just outside the window.
    "Trapped inside a nebula? That's not possible." the Makuta spat out.
    "Actually, given enough energy, you could pull it off." the hitherto-silent Vultran said. "Generate a powerful enough directed gravitational field to pull them all in, then create a positronic barrier....."
    "Okay, I get it! It can be done!" Sasuken barked. "I don't need a lecture."
    "You usually do." Blade muttered under his breath.
    "Oh, Ynot would've loved this. The second he turns around, Blackout's defeated, and without any help from us, too!" Sasuken raged. 
    "Well, I apologise, but I must leave now." Zev said sullenly. "I have a memorial service to prepare." He turned around and left the room.
    Freed of the need to keep up appearance, Sasuken turned to Blade and looked down at him, seething. "Is there a problem, Blade?"
    "Yeah, there is. I don't want you talking to my people like that, big head." the Toa hissed. 
    "What did you just....."
    Before Sasuken could fully respond, he felt a firm pressure on his shoulders, pushing him down. Both he and Blade turned to see Kurenitsu staring at him forcefully. 
    "You're right, Ynot would get a kick out of this." she said. "The second he goes away, you start to bicker amongst yourselves. I'm sure Blackout would be laughing too." she threw in, gesturing vaguely towards the window and the nebula beyond. 
    "What the hell's your problem, Blade?" she continued. "You've always been a pain, but never like this."
    "Look at the guy." Blade said. "Ever since Ynot left, he's been just dying to show off. He's probably regretting he didn't get to face off against the big bad himself!"
    Sasuken glared at the Toa, still seething but unable to do anything, since Kurenitsu was still holding him down with her gravity power.
    "I wonder if you'd ever have said that to Ynot's face." he simply said.
    "You're not Ynot."
    Sonia entered Sasuken's quarters to find him lying in a hammock, much like Ynot used to whenever he was deep in thought.
    "Really? Are you really going to do this?" she said. 
    Sasuken immediately shot up, startled, and ended up falling off the hammock. He awkwardly got up and brushed himself off.
    "Yeah, sorry. I thought if I pretended to be Ynot for a moment, I might figure out what to do next."
    "And did you?"
    "No, not a clue. It's actually incredibly uncomfortable."
    "Right. Actually, I came to apologise for Blade. You know, on behalf of the team."
    Sasuken raised his eyebrow. "Does he know you're here?"
    "Shaern locked him in a storage bay so he couldn't stop me."
    Sasuken crossed his arms and sighed. 
    "What he said really got to you, didn't it?" Sonia asked sheepishly.
    "No..... maybe."
    "Look, you literally just became leader. Anyone would get over-excited, and Blade's jealous. He still thinks he deserves it."
    Sonia turned to leave the quarters, before suddenly turning back around. "Look, if you really hate the hammock, I'm sure Sreda would love it."
    Sasuken stepped onto the bridge, and looked around. "Where's Blade?" he asked. "Still in that storage room?"
    "No," said Shaern. "I'm pretty sure I let him out."
    Suddenly, an alarm rang out, and a security console flashed into life, projecting a live camera feed of one of the shuttle bays. Blade had blasted the door open, and was now breaking into a shuttle. 
    Sasuken grabbed a microphone. "Blade, what the frak are you doing?" he shouted.
    "I'm leaving!" Blade roared back. "Isn't that obvious?"
    The Toa climbed into the shuttle and seized the controls. He sent a message to Sasuken. "Open the bay door, now."

    Sasuken let go of the microphone and put his head in his hands. After a few minutes, he finally turned round and ordered "Open the bay doors."
    "Are you sure?" Asumaru asked.
    "No, I'm not. Open them, please."
    Asumaru reluctantly complied, and the bay doors slowly opened. "Thanks." Blade said. "You know, I was right. You're not Ynot."

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    Re: Do you want to take control of Ynot?

    Post by Klak on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:12 am

    Congrats on your win, DRJ! That story was great.


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    Re: Do you want to take control of Ynot?

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