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    Virtual Anarchy

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    Virtual Anarchy

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:25 am

    “I heard that you were talkin’ S**t, when you didn’t think I could hear it…Na-nana, gettin’ errybody fired up! Na, nanana, S**t’s bananas, b, a n a n a! It’s my S**t, it’s my S**t…”

    In the city of New Hoperock, it was cold, wet, and slightly snowy. The weather was having trouble deciding between snow and rain, and sleet, and hail, but it could definitely be assured that it would be gray and dreary for quite some time. The many futuristic neon lights cast a strange glow onto the variable precipitation, causing an ethereal glow which seemed to substitute for the sun which was lost beyond the slate gray clouds. Sitting on the ledge at the peak of a soaring silvery building, there sat a certain sunglow yellow hedgehog girl. Prudence had the same elongated, velvety ears, the same spines for hair, the same humanlike face and the same bandy-legged build. At this time she was dressed in a bomber jacket with white lightning bolts along the hem, a red t-shirt, and comfy white pants cut midway down the calf. Kicking her flip flop-clad feet around, Prudence sung her little song as she engrossed herself with a game on some handheld device. It strongly resembled a 3DS, made of a turquoise material.

    All of a sudden, Prudence whipped her head around to gaze straight out of the fourth wall. “Well, hello there,” she chirped to you, the audience. “I bet you’d like to know what this story is all about! Well, it’s predicated on a bet that Kokonoe and Fleet Admiral Vi made during luncheon in the Mother of Invention. The basic premise is that the Five Elemental Warriors - sngrk. - and myself are going to find things to do in a virtual reality city that Kokopuffs made. We intend to test her programming to the limits by casting this place into absolute urban chaos! Well, most of us. Zev will probably just sample the tea, be cool, maybe sample the local greenery if ya know what I mean. And by that I mean, I think he smokes pot. Wouldn’t be too far of a stretch, I mean, you guys have seen what a hippie ol’ Zev is.” Prudence folded up her little handheld, then, and tucked it into a pocket. Zipping that pocket up, she chirped out at the audience once again, “Will this product of the genius Kokonoe be a Koko-yes-way? Will we succeed in our totally childish endeavors? Will 1,000 robots all kick Zev in the crotch? Let’s find out!” She gave a thumbs-up, grinning cheekily.

    “Hi DRJ! Censor this!” She proceeded to jump off of the building, triggering a detonator as she fell. The resulting explosion carved a series of rude images down the side of the building after her, until Prudence fell into the open sun roof of a hovering vessel. It jetted away, allowing the rubble to fall to the streets below.

    Inside were the rest of the gang, the ship being piloted by Vi. “Classy as always, Prudence,” Namah snarked. “Your ability to screw up the simple task of making an introduction and then not blowing anything up will be Kokonoe’s downfall.” Zev and Makoto were sitting next to each other, snickering a little bit.

    Vi sighed, punching the engines to jar everyone else in the back. “Time to go to work,” she murmured lethally. Zev gave a high-pitched whine of fear. Nefelpitoh just smiled calmly, repairing a little toy fire engine.

    This was going to be glorious, absolutely stupid, or absolutely glorious in its stupidity.

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