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    Maze of Many

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    Maze of Many

    Post by Yenot on Sat Aug 09, 2014 6:15 am

    “This is The Maze of Many. You are all the same person. You may act different, your philosophies, ideals, and creeds may not align. That doesn’t matter, because you are all trapped. You are each in a room with four walls, ceiling and floor, devoid of any way out. In a few minutes, one of the walls will fall away to unveil an armory. You may take one weapon, and one piece of armor. If you do not adhere to this, one of the few rules this maze has, you will be dropped into the lower sections of the maze. Though not impossible, you may still gain victory from this setback, if the minotaur doesn’t get you first. For those who DO follow the rules, the wall opposite will be lowered 5 minutes after the first, and you may enter the Maze of Many. The other rules are as follows:
    1) You cannot leave the maze
    2) Only one may win, per round.
    3) Victory earns you a point and an upgraded arsenal in subsequent rounds.
    4) Those who do not claim victory are immediately reset, and the game starts again.
    5) Those who claim 10 points are granted leave from the Maze of Many.
    6) The Game ends when all permutations of victory are recorded.
    Have fun, maggots.”

    The announcer dies as Contestant 13 rubs his head and remembers entering this maze. All the times he’s run it and failed. Time doesn’t pass while you are in here. It’s been years, and he hasn’t aged a day. Dying is undone the next round, he rubs his side, recalling where that axe cut him in two. The alliances forged, betrayals felt, all for nothing. In his world, it was said that when you leave the Maze of Many, you are granted any wish, or given any item you desire. So, foolishly, he thought he might claim the cure for the plague that washed across his homeland. Maybe he will, someday, after all the competent versions of himself have left the maze.

    Behind him, the wall slides down, yet again. He sees a multitude of weapons from Swords and spears, to firearms and bows on a touch screen taking up the entire wall. Armors from every culture and every time period; shields, helms, flack jackets, all this and he can only pick a single piece and one weapon. He really does hate that rule. He’s seen others in the maze fully decked out in armor, but supposes that’s because they came prepared. The Maze strips you of your weapons, but not what you come dressed in, which is unfortunate, as 13 came in a leather jacket, black tee shirt, denim pants, and hiking boots. He’s never been good at ranged weapons, so he sticks to what he knows, a knife. The blade he picks is a foot long and curved. Thinking back to the armor issue, he flicks through the screen and finds a decent chest piece that he conceals under his shirt. His prep time is up. The Wall Slides down.

    ((This is how you will start your initial post each Round))

    Contestant: 13
    Difficulty: Normal
    Weapon: Machete
    Armor: Chest Plate
    Round Master: N/A
    Current Points: 0

    ((You can make the choice for Additional Weapon and Armor, but by default, you will have a longer trek, and more difficult enemies to fight. The Round starts 24 hours after the preceding round. In between rounds, you must make a new initial post as done above. You will encounter beasts at random, and other players as dictated by Round Master. Round Master is to be Voted on in initial posts each round, and that person gets the power to say who gets what encounters when. You also dictate what sort of prize winner gets in their arsenal next round. For simplicities sake, I will be RM first round. Further explanation will be given on play style tomorrow, after Initial posts))

    Edit1:((Extra Clips/Quivers count as an additional weapon))
    Edit2:((Characters do have to be numbers, but they don't have to be in order. Pick any random number not taken and isn't 553 or 16))

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    Re: Maze of Many

    Post by Klak on Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:04 pm

    Contestant: 14
    Difficulty: Normal
    Weapon: FN SCAR
    W2: N/A
    Armor: Chest Plate
    Round Master: N/A
    Current Points: 0

    Contestant 14, comes into the arsenal, wearing jeans, sneakers, and a black polo shirt. He grabs his weapons while processing the future. He has to do this again. He has to go through this hell. He goes for the SCAR, hoping that he can target others from afar and dispatch them quickly.



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    Re: Maze of Many

    Post by Niflheim on Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:45 am

    Contestant: 12
    Difficulty: Normal
    Weapon: Heckler & Koch USP Compact
    W2: Null
    Armor: None, wears a dark blue suit with a light blue undershirt, dark tan cargopants, and a belt.
    Armor2: Null
    Round Master: No
    Current Points: 0

    Contestant 12 puts the pistol into his pocket, then grabs his belt and waits for the door to open.
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    Re: Maze of Many

    Post by Heat on Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:43 am

    Contestant: 05
    Difficulty: Normal
    Weapon: FN P90
    W2: N/A
    Armor: Bulletproof vest
    Armor2: N/A
    Round Master: Nope
    Current Points: 0

    Contestant 05 puts his bulletproof vest on over his t-shirt, and grabs a P90 rifle from the armoury. He awaits the beginning of the round.

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    Re: Maze of Many

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