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    BZPB: Knock-Out Academy

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    BZPB: Knock-Out Academy

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:48 am

    This is an idea I have been working on literally since yesterday, as of this posting.

    Massive amounts of inspiration have been drawn from Kill la Kill. Please, enjoy this saga, and remember:

    No Actual BZPB Characters were Harmed in the Making of this Project.*

    * except for maybe TMV

    ~ ~ ~

    Chapter 1: Absolutely 0 Tolerance

    It was an average day in the BZPB Knock-Down Academy.

    Of course, by that I mean that the regular-class students were hardly paying any attention in class, and were mostly plotting no good or engaging in impure thoughts. One plotter in particular, TMV, had made a bit of a display out of sitting on his school supplies pack. He was a slightly chubby young man, with grayish skin and poofy brown hair tied back in an attempt at a ponytail. Head down, he focused on his notes with suspect diligence.

    Up at the front of the class, the non-combatant instructor - a redheaded gynoid named Dorothy - was explaining the effects of sonic disturbances on the enemy. "This leads us to our upcoming project, class," she announced. "As a Hero Class, you are all instructed to locate someone from a Villain Class, and develop a sonic disturbance device. It can be a walkie talkie, a CD Player, anything which can serve to unnerve them and drive them to the brink of - " Dorothy paused then, the explanation dying on her lips.

    Suddenly, a great feeling of apprehension overtook the entire classroom. It was if they all could subconsciously hear a rumbling in the earth, building quite rapidly to a volcanic upheaval. Those bootsteps - with the distinct sounds of their spiked soles on the futuristic ceramic floors outside - were fast approaching. TMV whimpered, moving his pack out from under him and clutching it for dear life.

    It was then that he arrived. The door was wrenched open, and an evil titan was forced to bow his head in order to pass the door frame. Disciplinary Committee Head Blackout was a tremendous man, of a dull beige complexion and slicked-back black hair. It did not seem at all possible that he was a student as his public information stated; his musculature and other features clearly showed his Makuta nature, disguised as a human for convenience. His signature eyes were but blood red rings, floating in a sea of darkness. Those wroth orbs flicked across the room, but he did not seem to recognize his target among the faces. TMV could see his chance as Blackout turned and thundered at Dorothy to turn him over. He took it.

    Springing up and over his desk, TMV lunged feet-first to slide between Blackout's legs. As he took off in horrified flight, Blackout's roar shook the school building to its foundations: "No running in the halls, you worthless lout!!" Down the halls, down a flight of stairs, then down more stairs, and still more. Somehow, he could hear Blackout's bass laughter, feel it rattling his bones even as he reached the ground floor. At last, perhaps he would be home free!

    And then, he realized why he had heard Blackout's laughter on the way down. The tremendous enforcer's spiked boots gouged the hard-packed dirt of the school yard into a jagged crater as he landed, having left a bewildered classroom many stories above. Rising up, Blackout began to ooze with the darkness which permeated his being. The tendrils curling out twisted towards the sky, extending into roughly sword-shaped juts of solid darkness.

    TMV gulped, then whimpered "Um, uh, h-h-hey, Mr. Blackout...You, um...Ha, hav, have you been eating your Wheaties?" With a horrified squeal, TMV was forced to duck and dive to avoid the three projectiles of shadow launched towards him. Desperately reaching inside of his pack as Blackout's power sent him bouncing through the dust, TMV discarded the leather case as he found what he was looking for.

    It appeared to be nothing more than a comically small mace with a teardrop-shaped head. However, as TMV grasped it, the mace burst into golden tendrils which crept up his wrist and past the cuff of his sleeve. They armored his hand, giving him a powerful-looking fist that glowed with a righteous aura. TMV's musculature suddenly and completely changed; his back was straightened, he appeared taller, it was if he was being idealized. Wordlessly, TMV used this rare and contraband power to dart up to Blackout, and plant his fist in Blackout's gut.

    He jolted to a stop, his fist halted by abs of granite. Blackout smirked down at him, arms raised loosely as if to say, 'Come at me bro.' TMV followed up with a rapid series of jabs from his golden-armored arm. It was too late when he noticed Blackout's abs had caused said armor to crumble and degenerate.

    TMV attempted to flee again, but a hammer fist from Blackout sent him spinning through the air. "This is what awaits you layabouts if you breach the code of conduct in such an egregious fashion," Blackout boomed to all students (and teachers) watching. Whipping TMV into the air with a lunging limb of shadow, Blackout continued to roar, "I will show absolutely zero tolerance to miscreants and scoundrels who dare defy the iron-clad rules of this academy! So long there is breath in my body, so long as my antidermis still burns with life, so long as your Student Council President keeps me in this position, this is the punishment which awaits all deviants!!" Suddenly, one of his shadowy tendrils rocketed out, planting itself into the sky-borne TMV's hip. As TMV rolled and rolled, screaming, another tendril slapped him into the far wall, before splitting its tip into a claw with which to grab him by the throat.

    More and more tendrils used this tactic, as Blackout went on a rampage all over TMV. "Where did we go wrong, TMV," he bellowed, "did our school not provide you everything you needed!? Was your purpose not made clear to you!? Did someone plant the idea in your mind to steal a quarantined object of volatile and untrustworthy power!? Or perhaps this was always going to be the summary conclusion of your stay in our glorious academy!!?" The lowly student was smashed from one side of the schoolyard to the other, beaten into the walls until his face and clothes were slick with blood. When Blackout was at last satisfied at the levels of punishment, he let TMV fall. However, he promptly grabbed TMV out of the air by his skull, and threw him towards the distant entrance.

    A spike of shadow sent after him pierced TMV's shirt, hanging him unceremoniously by said entrance. Eyes rolled back in his head, upper body bloodied until it was hard to see a spot not stained red, TMV rasped to the trio approaching him. The leader of the group - a tall, stoic young man, with messy black hair and stormy gray eyes - promptly yanked the shadow spike out of the wall. It attempted to nip and burn at his flesh, but the quasi-aware shadows found something there which was entirely familiar, and negated them utterly.

    The weapon disappeared into wisps of darkness, as the second young man caught TMV to gently set him down. This one was lean and built like a runner, with golden-tinged brown hair and sky blue eyes. "Geez," he sneered, "what a present to welcome the new transfer students with." Sasuken gently closed TMV's eyes, and left him there to sleep off his beating. He tried not to balk at how TMV's face was already violently swelling.

    The last was a young woman with jawlength blonde hair, trimmed in a neat straight cut with fiery vermilion streaks all around the sides. She had a band-aid over the bridge of her nose, attempting to cover up a nasty cut, and wore generally punkish attire. "I'm sick of this place already," Shaern said. "Let's kick all the ### and get going." This place gave her the worst feeling of apprehension.

    Their leader, Ynot, cracked his knuckles. "Exactly what I intend to do."
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    Re: BZPB: Knock-Out Academy

    Post by Klak on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:25 pm

    It's like Kill La Kill meets BZPB. Nice start. 8/10 needs more Six Rings Power


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