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    Zodaccia Universe - (Realms of Chaos/INFINITY! timelines)



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    Zodaccia Universe - (Realms of Chaos/INFINITY! timelines)

    Post by Entropion-JaisenMcClaney on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:13 pm

    Zodaccia Incorporated Productions is an open free-range character creation game, however the Z Universe does not contain deities or such, so angels and demons and other "religious" matters must have a genetic representation as "divine" energies do not exist other than as "the ether" in the Z timelines.

    Being that the Zodaccia Universe does contain life in not only different realities and dimensions, but all throughout each universe as well there is an exponentially large array of possible characters... please feel free to describe your character as you see fit. Oblivion Chyldren are good guys, Xanthian mutations are the bad.

    Guidelines for textile role play participation:


    Dialogue must be represented by "Dialogue" in traditional fashion.

    Marking what your character says with quotation marks deciphers physical speaking. By placing your quotes in Parenthesis, you signify a non-physical speak such as telepathy.

    Example: Entropion posting:

    "Breezy! I need a pressure system, get your furry butt in range!" signifies Entropion has yelled for AEolianna with is vocal chords.

    While: ("Breezy! I need a pressure system, get your furry butt in range!") signifies Entropion has contacted AEolianna via telepathy, because she is on another continent or otherwise out of earshot.

    Telepathy can be heard by all Oblivion Chyldren, however Instant messages can be used for private telepathic contact and out of character (OOC) conversations between yourself and the other player.


    To express that your character is performing any kind of action, it must be posted and described. Partial descriptions will not be acknowledged without a completion of the action. Proper punctuation and grammar is not necessary, but preferred as it maintains a professional aspect of realism.

    Example: Entropion in action:

    His brow furrows, his knuckles clench, electricity begins to spiral and leap from his body as he prepares for the approach of the Xanthain General.

    This traditional kind of action/dialogue posting will keep it easy to decipher the events taking place. Posts may contain both action and dialogue.

    -Character battle-

    There will be two forms of combat types, combat must be containing of proper spelling, and somewhat proper punctuation:

    Speed Fighting;

    When challenging a live opponent, using the Speed Fighting technique each and every action post must contain these elements in order to signify a successful strike:

    First post - Introductory action, requires no less than 10 words, explaining the type of attack.


    Slides his foot towards the jaw of ExoGlyce with force. (Minimum post length)

    Second post - Action connection/response, requires no less than 7 words, and must acknowledge the action of the opponent, if not posted before the opponent's response.


    -Without- opponent response beforehand-

    The heel of his foot strikes firmly. (Minimum post length)

    -With- response of opponent-

    ExoGlyce: His stance widens in preparation, forearms moving to intercept it. (Minimum, 10 words)

    Entropion: Identifying the position shift, he re-aims his target. (Acceptable, but in requirement of follow-up action, in this instance, you may combine your final post, in requirement of 5 words.) Instead, he sweeps the legs.

    When responding to an attempted deflection is the only time you may combine post two and three in such a fashion. If the opponent fails to respond to the first post in time, the third post must be separate from the second in order to give the opponent a chance to respond.

    Final post: This post "seals" the attack, making it an action, and forcing the oponent to acnowledge the set of actions. The final post requires no less than 5 words, and affords the player a free movement.


    -Without- response of opponent;

    The (action) is firmly placed. (Once this hits the main window for everyone to see, the player has earned a free movement, which can be used as a 3 word dodge, block, or counter and must be used in response to the opponent's FIRST post. Free movements do not carry further than 1 action beyond the earning reaction... use it on your next turn, or lose it.

    -With- response of opponent;

    ExoGlyce: His stance widens in preparation, forearms moving to intercept it. (Minimum, 10 words, as it is still first post for them.)

    Entropion: The strike impacts the forearm.

    The post must acknowledge the block, because it was raised successfully by opponent, however, the opponent failed to respond before second post, so the opponent is still successfully attacked. Damage is done, but only on half scale/half points.

    5 Successful and consecutive action sets initiate a knock back. A knock back must be recovered from by a post in no less than 15 words, this must be accomplished before the very next set is finalized, or it is a knockout... and the match has come to a conclusion, allowing for a finisher post.

    Finisher posts must be 20 words or more, and can be as extravagant as desired. There is only one way to recover from a finisher post, and that is with a 25 word escape post. Otherwise your character has been returned to the ZephyrreztarrE (Oblivion's center) and the character cannot be used for 24 hours.

    If a character is "obliterated" there is no coming back. Core energies cannot be reconstructed if they are absorbed, dissipated, or imprisoned.

    If you are imprisoned, you must be rescued by no less than 5 allies, in public, and your character must rest for 12 hours.

    -Descriptive battles-

    Descriptive battles are paragraph length, may contain no more than 5 attacks and must be scientifically ACCURATE in accordance to fact or popular theory. All attacks must be complete, unless it is a super move, in which a second post will be required after the response of the opponent. This is a TURN STYLE system, and will afford all participants a single post and require that they wait for the post of all other involved combatants before continuing your participation.

    Descriptive battles are the primary source of battle, unless a duel of speed has been accepted. Multiple characters can be involved in the default fighting style.

    Opponent posts MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED, and responded to, or it is an automatic connection. There can be one defensive action and one retaliation action for every opponent attack.

    The battle is concluded once there is an attack that cannot be scientifically countered that sufficiently depletes the energy of an opponent. If the opponent is capable of explaining correctly why they were able to avoid being overtaken by an attack, the battle must continue.


    Unless in battle, free range is active.. Rules other than Dialgue/action are not a necessity.
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    Re: Zodaccia Universe - (Realms of Chaos/INFINITY! timelines)

    Post by Heat on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:53 am

    Hello, Entropion!

    All RPGs must be approved by the head of RPGs (i.e: me) before they can be posted.

    Also, this RPG seems really far too bare-bones. There's more rules here than there is backstory. What exactly are Oblivion Chyldren and Xanthian mutations? Why are they fighting? etc.

    Topic closed, please PM me to discuss this.

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