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    Sword and Sorcerystuck

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    Sword and Sorcerystuck

    Post by Ferret-X on Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:49 pm

    Thanks to Sarge I worked on editing the "werewolf princess Jade" thing. This is a Homestuck fic, but should be readable if you are not a Homestuck. As it is an AU it is largely safe from spoilers.

    This chapter contains some not particularly explicit gore, as it involves werewolf attacks.


    Her normally cheerful face contorted into a sober expression, princess Jade of the Skaian kingdoms resisted the urge to adjust the oversized glasses that had been sliding down her nose, or otherwise address the various little tickles and aches that always made themselves apparent as soon as someone had to remain still for any length of time. Any movement could betray her to her prey even in the stygian darkness that was Forest of Frost and Frogs at night. The forest was so dense that even on a full moon such as this one the shadows seemed like predatory beasts that fed on what little light made it through.

    A part of her had always dreaded this hunt as the inevitable conclusion to the events that had been set in motion the day she’d realized that her magic teacher, Professor Becquerel Noir was in fact a werewolf.

    It hadn’t been hard to figure out after he’d taken her in for one-on-one tutoring. The intervals between his once a month “vacations” the way he rarely showed up after sunset, and when he did he was always sipping a strange tea. It was obvious to the point where she wasn’t quite sure how she could be the only one who’d figured it out.

    She’d chalked it up to no one thinking of it. Professor Bec had always been enigmatic. It was just expected for old and powerful magicians to be more than a bit strange, and have secrets they could not afford to let get out.

    She was angry, more at herself then her former teacher. She should have destroyed the monster her mentor had become as soon as she’d heard the rumors about the disappearing students rather than ignoring her suspicions. Instead it had had taken her checking into his office for help on particularly tricky metaphysical problem, and being greeted by the sight of a girl she’d collaborated on projects with lying there with her jugular missing and a cavity in her torso where her heart had been.

    It was hard knowing your mentor not just needed killing, but wanted you to be the one to do it. It was hard and nobody understood.

    Jade suppressed the urge to sigh which was fortunate as just then she heard the faint rustle of paws on forest floor. Too big to be any mortal wolf, she tightened her grip on the crossbow. One shot. That’s all she had. With Light’s favor that was all she needed. She wished there’d been time to ask Rose for a blessing before this.

    Hearing the crack of a stick breaking she instinctively aimed at the noise, but was too slow as a blur of glowing green eyes turned towards pouncing corpse-stinking breath advancing towards her throat. Barely in time, had she moved aside leaving the beast’s teeth around her shoulder as it knocked her to the ground.

    The coppery taste of her own blood exploded in her mouth as Jade’s oversized teeth were ground into her lips by the force of the impact. With a jerk the crossbow that she had miraculously held on to and wasn’t in the arm that had crunched as she fell. Fast as she could manage she brought the machine up just as teeth were disengaged from her shoulder. As she stared into the gaping maw, she squeezed the trigger sending a silver tipped quarrel right through the skull as she kicked to send it back just far enough the teeth missed her neck before the holy metal melted its brain.

    With a sob she kicked again until she got the corpse of Professor Becquerel off of her before the combination of her injuries and the werewolf saliva now in her system caused her to pass out.

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