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    Musings and Meditations

    Zev the Reveler
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    Musings and Meditations

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:49 am

    When we think upon death, we are tend to only think upon it from our very own perspective. We reflect on our own fears, of what we seek to accomplish before we shuffle off from our mortal coil, how our death will affect those close to us, or whether we can persevere in a world where someone precious to us has died. Rarely, however, do we truly contemplate how the entire human race is affected by one single death.

    All of us humans suffer, and all of us feel joy. We all possess our own unique afflictions and sorrows, and while it is only human to share another's burden, we should not take that burden from them. To survive our pain, to overcome it, gives us true strength - and we learn how to teach others to cope with their pain; for only those of us who have suffered can truly, truly understand another's suffering. Our suffering shall end on the day we die, and you can be happy for someone who has died, to be in a place where they hopefully are no longer miserable ever again.

    Be they child, man, woman, saint, or murderer, mourn all of us who die - mourn the rich, mourn the desperate, mourn the kind, mourn the cruel. Just as a new birth opens up possibilities for furthering our race, every single person that dies is a person who cannot better the human race; another person who may have been unable to accept their suffering, or a person who strayed from the path of goodness, and may never know true happiness.

    We can accomplish no good for despising the dead, for chastising the dead, or for spreading hate on the behalf of those who are no longer in this world. Their lives will be tallied, recorded, and forever remembered, in a place far removed from our mortal lives; all we can do is reflect on how to prevent the rising of another despicable individual. Murder, betrayal, and all sins are impossible to expunge by hating the dead, or those who are doomed for death; only by loving those who are alive, and with us now, can we foster a world where there might someday be no more unneeded hatred.

    Do not waste time where you could be happy, energy you could devote to helping others, on hating the dead; that will only create a perverse memorial to the wrongful things in their lives. There is no need to hate the dead - but there is always need to love your neighbors who yet live.

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