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    BZPB: strange reflection

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    BZPB: strange reflection

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:20 am


    ~ ~ ~

    The setting is Láng City, Hei Fon 4, in the springtime. This world is a settled in an alternate Universe from the more well-known BZPB setting. It is not the truth, yet it is its own truth. Insomuch, it cannot properly be called familiar to BZPBers, but those from both Universes will be hardpressed to find the differences in each other. It is in this iteration of Láng City that Zev Raregroove and his Spirit Ally, Asabana, are enjoying a nap in a field of tall grass.

    As the grass tickles against her nose, Asabana gives a tiny sneeze and rises. Perhaps it is just a contrived coincidence, perhaps it is ordained by fate, but just as she opens her eyes, she sees a bizarre mirage. It ripples like a heat haze, but gives off an aura which inspection proves to be possessed of unimaginable depths. Turning, it becomes apparent as a robed woman. Asabana almost hears an utterance, but she blinks, and the image is gone. "How odd," she mutters. For a moment, she feels an unimaginable sensation of apprehension - yet just as suddenly as the image did fade, one look at her master's relaxed, sleeping smile erases the worries in her heart.

    It is now as it has always been for Asabana - so long as she is by her master's side, by her one true best friend's side, it will always turn out alright.
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    Re: BZPB: strange reflection

    Post by Klak on Sun May 11, 2014 7:18 am



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