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    Trixtin And His Mission: Or, How He Nearly Lost His Mind

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    Trixtin And His Mission: Or, How He Nearly Lost His Mind

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:22 am

    My name is Trixtin. I am an ally of Makuta Ynot, and an accomplished mage. I have been sent to Hei Fon 4 so as to deliver a set of magical artifacts to Zev Raregroove...I did not, however, expect for him to have gathered such an impressive array of lunatics.

    When I saw that darkskinned woman, with her messy white hair, long braid, and elongated feline ears, I could visibly tell that Raregroove had been in close proximity to her for a long time - For one, I could see her own glimmering orange aura occasionally interrupted by ripples of Raregroove's gentle aquamarine aura. Also, she was blasting sea shanties from a stereo while devouring stinky tofu on a streetcorner. I just had a hunch that this woman had something to do with that man, and I was right.

    I walked up to her and asked my honest request. She looked up to me, at least three skewered blocks of stinky tofu held in her teeth. Thankfully, she wolfed all of them down before attempting to talk to me. "Oh, Raregroove? Yeah, Aisha knows where he is! He'll be down at the Conquistadores Guildhouse. Head down to the warehouse district and hang a left. You can't miss the place." She promptly went back to eating. I said my thanks, and made my way to follow her directions.

    It didn't take very long before I reached the Guildhouse. It was expansive, two stories tall, and elegantly, yet modestly built. I went to open the doors, before they swung open on their own, and a young woman stormed out. With short, tomboyish, pale blue hair; roundframed glasses; and a cigarette hanging from her lips, she struck a decidedly imposing presence - Which made me swallow my next words as her wroth blue eyes turned at me. "You here to see the Guildmaster? But of course! Not like anyone from the Mage's Association would be here to pick me up from this hellhole! Community service for a century my ass!" She continued to rampage around the front lawn, screaming and gesticulating madly.

    From behind her followed a young woman with long snow white hair, with her bangs tied up in a sort of ponytail above her brow. "Oh, Touko, will you hush?" Hands on her hips, she yelled after the woman who was storming around in circles like a bridled tempest. "Guidmaster Zev has to spend quality time with Asabana! She's his Spirit Ally, for Pete's sakes! And besides, every time we need you to run your Programs, you drive us batty up the belfry with your barbs before you even think about starting!"

    "Shut up Mirajane! Not listening to you! Not listening, too busy being right!"

    "Augh! You are an adult child, do you know that!?"

    "Yeah? You're a fruitcake!"

    "THE #$&% YOU JUST CALL ME!!?"

    I could do nothing to stop the whitehaired woman named Mirajane. She leapt clear from the front porch, delivered a bodyslam to Touko, and began knocking her around the head with her bare fists. That was until a blast of pixellated energy knocked her high into the air. Seeing that the doors were still open, I wasted no time in making myself scarce. I slid in through, closed them both quietly, and tiptoed upstairs.

    It was a long hallways, with a dimly glowing staircase leading up from the far end. Knowing very well that I had seen no third floor, I didn't want a bit to do with that business. So, I went up to the first doorway and opened it. Inside was somewhere I felt right at home - Book cases on each wall, towering stacks of books all over, and a desk scattered with neatly-written documents. Sat in the midst of it all was a man in robes, headwear, and a scarf or bandana that completely hid his face from view.

    Before I could speak, he calmly looked up from writing in a study journal. "Oh? Are you looking for the Guildmaster?" I simply nodded, still quite frightened by the women I could hear fighting outside. The masked man sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as the windows rattled behind their curtains. "My name is Mistgun, and I must say, it is very hard to be the only sane mage here besides Namah. Now, if only she weren't so mischeivous..." He closed his book and put it down on the table with his pen. "Regardless, the Guildmaster is in the room across from where we are now. I warn you, though - He likely won't want to be disturbed. He's bonding with his Spirit Ally, and neither of them reacts well to being forced to part with each other at times like this. If you feel yourself getting hot very quickly, throw yourself out of the doorway. It's for the best."

    I nodded, gulping down my terror. Exiting and heading across the hall, the mere moments seemed to dilate. I felt as if it took fifteen minutes to cross the hallway and put my hand on the door. As soon as I laid a hand on it, I could hear Zev's maniacal laughter from within. What must have been his Spirit Ally made a slurping noise from within. Putting my fear aside, I threw the door open. I stared at them. They stared at me. Sparks went off in my skull. I threw myself out of the doorway, but four narrow ribbons of golden energy snared me. "Sooo," the fox spirit said, "We have a guest! Come inside - There's always another seat at the table!" Oh God no. No, no, no, no, no -

    Plopped down on a cushioned stool, I found a cup of piping hot green tea and a couple of oddly green-colored cookies set before me. To my left was the fox spirit, with a large pair of plastic fairy wings on her back. To my right, Zev - Wearing a tophat and a monocle. I stuttered out my reason for being there, but the fox spirit cut me off - "No, no, no~ No businesstalk at the tea party!" She took another loud sip of tea.

    At that moment, Zev busted out into laughter that nearly made my jump out of my skin. "THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!" He poured some more tea into his Spirit Ally's cup, kicking his feet from atop the tiny wooden chair.

    I could only pray that I would make it out of here alive, and sane...

    To Be Continued...?

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    Re: Trixtin And His Mission: Or, How He Nearly Lost His Mind

    Post by Klak on Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:30 am

    This story is literally crazy. Nice one. Seems like a strange ending though.


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    Re: Trixtin And His Mission: Or, How He Nearly Lost His Mind

    Post by Yenot on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:11 am

    Trixitin, I wish you the best of luck.
    Just remember your breathing exercises from working with Vultran.

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    Re: Trixtin And His Mission: Or, How He Nearly Lost His Mind

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