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    An Eelectrifying Celebration

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    An Eelectrifying Celebration

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:38 am

    Meh. Rated M for Mature.

    If you do not want to read material that features minor cussing, violence, non-full intercourse sexual situations, then do not read this, and do not send me messages about this. If you do, I will summon up my chucklevoodoos. HONK. DO8

    This takes place during some random point in the Bebop II's voyages.

    Remember, the restrooms are to the left, and you are to use them before the show starts. If you are outside when the show starts, your dumbass self will be locked out, and we shall not give two f##ks if you want back in.

    So, no spitting, no eating, no drinking, and nooo foul language.

    Enjoy! 8O

    ~ ~ ~

    At this time, the Bebop II had settled down on a new planet. Mostly covered by sandy wastes and grassy plains, it was nonetheless dominated by a huge sea. Additionally, many lakes dotted its surface, and rivers traced across it like veins of lifeblood.

    Outside the resting ship were gathered a number of crewmembers. At the center of the group sat Washu and Sara, while they were circled by Ryoko, Shroom, Moss, Yuuka, Vi, and Makoto. At the moment, Sara had just finished going through a number of commands on her holographic interface. Washu cleared her throat and looked over the group.

    "I'm sure," she began slowly, "That most of you are wondering exactly why Sara and I have called you out here." After a few moments of stroking her chin, whereupon Ryoko began to level a foul stare on her 'mother,' Washu continued. "Today is the last day of a festival on Jurai. Zev, Tamao, Anna, and the other members of the Royal Family taking up residence here chose not to tell us. However, Misaki let it slip to Vi, and seems to still not be fully aware that it's known to others. I'll let Vi explain, as she's the only one who's had time lately to research the celebration." She gestured for Vi to pick up from there.

    Nodding, Vi elaborated. "It's a Festival celebrating an ancient hero," she said. "He slew a monstrous eel that fed on Royal Trees, and so on a certain week every three years, it's customary on Jurai to partake in a feast of roasted eel and eel ramen." An aggravated sigh managed to escape her. "If Zev and his Royally Screwed Up Family had just told us, we wouldn't be so pressed for time. We sent them to a little onsen in this planet's only real mountain range, so that should give us all day to track down the ingredients." Taking out a small list, Vi traced her finger down.

    Without warning, Ryoko blurted out, "You're forgetting that if we want to feed Zev's family of gluttons, it'd prolly take every eel on this backwater planet!" She continued grumbling onward as Vi levelled a flat stare towards her. "And I'm not a 'genius' like damned Washu over there, but I know that eels are a b!tch to track down. Even if we could dig enough out of their hiding places, half of them would just slip away without a problem." As she saw an image brought up on Sara's screen, she stared blankly.

    In a quiet voice, Sara explained, "Th...The number isn't going to be the problem. Eels are the main predator on this planet." She indicated a slideshow of images depicting eels with staring eyes and sharp fangs going after terrified aquatic life. However, she scratched her head with an obviously large amount of unease. "The thing is...They're a bit slippery, but holding onto them won't be the issue, either." She looked to see if Ryoko would catch on.

    Ryoko scoffed, "So what? The scale says the babies are just four centimeters and the adults are ten, right? These little things'll be a piece of cake, then! It'll be easy to catch enough for a big dinner!" She giggled despite her previous irritation. It was truly laughable how simple it would be to catch little eels like this. Then, however, Ryoko took a closer look at the scale. Did it say...?

    An exasperated smile dominated Washu's face. "The babies aren't much smaller than the adults...But the scale isn't marked in centimeters. It goes by meters." She couldn't help but give a little sngrk! in repressed laughter. "And you're going to catch a few adults while the rest of us gather up the side-ingredients. Hop to it!" Washu clapped twice.

    Though she growled quietly in protest, Ryoko clearly saw that the others had utterly out-voted her by majority. "F...Fine!!" Up into the air with a huff, Ryoko took flight. Washu gave a moment to sending rough directions through their psychic connection.

    Soon, however, the rest of the group paired off to get searching for ingredients.

    They hoped the best for Ryoko.

    === === ===

    Off in a small field of grass, Sara watched on as Shroom and Yuuka carefully dug up small radishes. Yuuka was becoming very skilled at scraping the dirt away with her talons, allowing Shroom to pry them loose with his strong hands.

    As the pair took a break, Yuuka looked up to Sara. "Sara-san...Was it right to leave the hardest job to Ryoko? I'm not sure she deserved that..." She looked betwen the small scientist girl and Shroom.

    For a few moments, Sara appeared to judge what she would say next. Eventually though, she answered Yuuka's question as best she could. "Out of everyone we could call on, Ryoko's the strongest combatant. Plus, she's proven to be one of our most tenacious crewmembers. I think she'll do fine." She smiled brightly.

    Yuuka returned the smile, and soon got back to work with Shroom. However, unbeknownst to the others, Sara had her own worries.

    She mused, I hope Ryoko doesn't have problems with the other eel species.

    Even though Washu told her what to look for...Still...

    === === ===

    In the nearest river, Ryoko had dived in to go scouring for eels. Washu had mentioned that she should only go after the largest, most aggressive eels. There was a specific reason, but Ryoko hadn't paid very close attention to that.

    Abruptly, Ryoko noticed a slim shape trying to squirm its way into the security of the muddy riverbottom. Face stretched in a nefarious grin, Ryoko disregarded how this one was only a meter, maybe half again long. If she could catch this for the feast, she might be able to have it cooked up for herself. Mind set, she lunged.

    With all her strength, Ryoko clenched her fingers on the eel's mid-body. To her surprise, its muscles felt as strong as iron and were much more flexible. Ryoko was about to try and slam the eel on a rock to kill it, when a line of five white rings flared to life on either side. What exactly had Washu said was the reason for only going after the big eels?

    In the next moment, Ryoko felt like a freight train ran straight into her chest. Her eyes rolled back slightly, and her limbs seized up. After she fell back, twitching spastically for the hot needles of agony searing up and down her body, it came to her.

    Ah. Electric. I see.

    === === ===

    On a riverbed at the edge of the plains encircling their ship, Vi and Moss were carefully picking some green onions from where the dust and clay mingled. All the while, Washu stared off with an unreadable expressiom.

    Moss turned her head up to look at Washu, concern evident in her gaze. After a few moments more, Vi looked to Washu as well. A bit longer, and Washu noticed with a start that the other two were both giving her a concerned stare.

    Chuckling embarrassedly, Washu attempted to wave off their concerns. "Don't you two fret," she said, trying to appease them. "I'm just thinking about how to fix dinner."

    Nodding with a bit of suspicion, the two went back to foraging.

    Soon, however, Washu's odd stare returned.

    === === ===

    Submerged in a new river, Ryoko turned a bleary gaze around herself. She had seen a few of the large eels, but they quickly swam away before she could catch up. Exhausted by the shock from earlier, Ryoko was struggling to keep focused.

    Yet in a few moments, she saw a large eel snapping its jaws to ward off three smaller eels of rather odd shapes. Acting on reflex, Ryoko sent a bolt of orange energy through the water and into the back of the eel's head. Killed instantly, it slowly dropped through the gentle current towards the lakebed.

    Unfortunately, Ryoko did not have enough time to celebrate - For two of the smaller eels suddenly tackled her down to the mud. Coiling around her arms and halfway into the mud, the eels successfully kept Ryoko pinned. Now quite exhausted by the energy blast she had fired off, Ryoko was unable to fight back.

    When the eels did not attack, Ryoko opened her eyes and looked at them. The two eels with their circular maws, either one lined by a ring of five large fangs, were roving their manic gazes up and down Ryoko's body in a way that did not seem to be inspecting prey. When they turned their eyes to her chest and leaned in, she understood why.

    Desperately yet weakly kicking and thrashing, Ryoko was halted as the two eels flipped their fangs outward and lunged towards her. She seized up for different reasons this time at the gall these squirming little b@stards had. Death would not come swiftly to them.

    Face lit up in a blush, mouth desperately clamped shut to not let them know how much she was enjoying it despite herself, Ryoko found some of her energy returning. She was just about to blast the two off, when the third's location became apparent.

    Right in-between her legs, the eel leered up at her as a long, narrow tongue darted outward into the water. Ryoko shook her head, mouthing words: You wouldn't dare! and Try it and be roasted! being the most frequent.

    Lowering towards the crux of her legs, the eel ran its tongue around its jaws. The other two had begun to use their tongues as well.

    Just a moment before Ryoko was about to blast the eels holding her off...

    "AAAAAAAAAAHHHNNN~!!" Her cry echoed through the lake.

    This had better be the tastiest damned eel feast ever.

    === === ===

    After the vegetables had been retrieved and some noodles fetched from the kitchen (Right after they were finished being handmade), the others watched for Ryoko to return. Several minutes had passed, and they began to wonder if she was alright...

    Until out of the sky, Ryoko came rocketing down. The others looked up curiously, yet all had their own reactions when the dust settled from her landing: Washu, Vi, and Moss guffawed loudly; Yuuka and Sara gasped, eyes flown open; and Shroom couldn't help but stare in speechless awe.

    On either of Ryoko's shoulders were hefted two huge eels, dead as dead could be. Yet her entire body was flush with exhaustion, and her top was completely torn away. Glaring with feverish eyes, Ryoko growled, "Here's...Your damned...Eels...I hope...I...Didn't...Make you...Wait...Too...Long..." Unable to support the two creatures' masses any longer, Ryoko fell flat on her face and stayed there.

    In a rush, Vi and Moss helped pull the eels off her back. They began to clean them and prepare them for the massive soup pot and grill, as Shroom and Yuuka carefully helped Ryoko to a spot in the shade where she could rest, sat-up. Soon enough, Washu teleported in a t-shirt for Ryoko to cover herself with.

    Later that night, the festivities went on as planned. Except for how Misaki revealed that she had intentionally let knowledge of the celebration slip in a Batman Gambit to have the others get things started, because Tamao and Anna had always enjoyed it so much. The family ate an entire mammoth eel by themselves, and the three lamprey-like eels Ryoko had bludgeoned to death made a decent feast for the others in addition to the other huge eel.

    Meanwhile, Ryoko nursed a large gourd of sake as she remained in the same spot she had been propped up at hours beforehand. Unable to move for the exhaustion, she simply glared at the others as they chowed down.

    However, an elegant figure sat down just outisde of Ryoko's narrowed periphery. As a small piece of eel and ramen was offered, Ryoko glady ate.

    At the same time, everyone but Tamao's family were shocked at how gentle she was being with the weakened Ryoko.

    The rest of the Royal Family just made various displays of approval.

    Zev's choice words? "That's just precious."

    ~ ~ ~

    I dunno. You're the critics.

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    Re: An Eelectrifying Celebration

    Post by helo frens on Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:02 am

    Enjoyed reading this one, bro~



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