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    BZPB: Human Potential

    The Chronicler
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    BZPB: Human Potential

    Post by Kon on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:13 am

    Okay, the intro got deleted twice, so imma make it short: New short story from me, multi-parter, hope you like it. C/C/C much appreciated, as always.

    Part 1

    Good morning! Good morning to you, class. Ha-ha, you too. Now, are you listening? I have a story to tell. It’s quite a good one, I think you’ll like it. Is everybody ready? Good! Then quiet down and let me begin...

    It was not always as peaceful as it is now. One day, wars raged throughout all existence, a result of the sudden merging of multiple universes caused by the sheer power of imagination and will combined. Unimaginable implosions of entire galaxies occurred, to make way for new ones in its place originating from different universes. The planet called Earth is the best and the worst example of this; the people living there have created so many fictional universes, that when the time came when imagination was turned into reality, and the two collided, over sixty billion versions of Earth collided in the same spot at the exact same time. The result? A fusion of each and every one. One quarter of the planet was completely destroyed in that moment, because one quarter of the sixty billion Earths were destroyed in their respective universes. They took their place in the fusion.

    However, the rest of Earth was allowed to survive despite having a quarter of its mass lost, because a protective energy grid and artificial atmosphere also materialised in that instant, coming from the 34,877,873,378th and 9,298,317,127th versions of Earth respectively, keeping the planet stable and alive. The whole population was also transformed, peaceful alien life forms and gigantic killing machines were dumped on Earth, and many people died or simply, disappeared. That day was the day the surviving earthlings described as “The Day the World Went Mad”.

    But it was not just Earth. Almost every planet changed in different ways, though not quite as dramatically as that. Different people, different landscapes appeared, whole new planets previously imaginary to the mind emerged into solar systems, now a reality, fitting perfectly into the fabric of existence.

    Over 60,000,000,000 universes combined. Most of them were the same as others, with small differences, so they did not cause many changes in the multiverse as a result, but, as you’ve probably gathered by now, some were very different indeed. This, my friends, was the creation of the BZPB multiverse. And the excitement continues to this day, all thanks to the one we now know as the Architect. Thank you for listening.

    “Wait! What happens next?” a young girl calls out.

    The old man stands up and smiles.

    “Well,” he says, “You do. And everyone around you. Of course, if you want to read about the famous people, good and bad, then you can buy their stories. But for me, the most interesting ones are yet to be completed, and they will be completed by you. You have Human Potential, and that is one of the best things anyone can have.”

    He walks to the door and steps through it.

    “Wait! Who are you?”

    Turning back one last time, the old man smiles at her again.

    “I am the Chronicler, a User. I know everyone’s stories, stories that were and stories that are yet to be. You have one too, you know, with you as the star. I’ve already written it.” He leans forward and strokes the girl’s head. “Few people know I exist. They rely on prophetic books and technology to tell the future. Bah! I can see the future by looking into your eyes. Oh, don’t be scared, I’m only here to help, and now that I’m retired, I’m here to teach. One word of advice, young one: Beware of the liquid man! Hahaha. Oh, and don’t be late next week! I have plenty more stories to tell.”

    He picks up his briefcase and strolls into the horizon.
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    Re: BZPB: Human Potential

    Post by Klak on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:48 pm


    The hyperbole, the dynamic wit. I love this story, man. Bravo!


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