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    The Battle of Destral

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    The Battle of Destral

    Post by Heat on Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:35 am

    The Battle of Destral: Chapter 1 of 1

    Ynot and the Anima to one side. Silver-Silver and three Dreadnought-class airships to the other. And Jarr and his interfering pack of goons behind.

    This was not a good day for Makuta Blackout.

    And it had started so well. His army was taking over the Matoran Universe, minus the islands he and Jarr had blown to pieces for various reasons. He had executed the traitor Kakamu. And victory of Phase 1 was almost at hand.

    But noooooooo. Now he was stuck fighting almost everyone who might still have cause to hate him.

    Blackout transformed into a swarm of nanites and disarmed Jarr's goons: Kinex, Marlon, and the Matoran. Jarr tried to fire his gun, but a sudden lightning bolt by Xintrix knocked it out of his hand.

    "Thank you, Xintrix. Nice to see that someone is still on my side....." Blackout said, and reassumed his humanoid form. He then fired two powerful shadow bolts, blowing Kinex and Marlon through a wall. Jarr and the Matoran went for their guns and aimed at Blackout, but Grahmah teleported in and fired a power scream at them, throwing them over a balcony and into the sea.

    "Well, that's one less distraction....." Blackout muttered, as he blocked Ynot's slash with the Master Sword. Silver-Silver took this opportunity to stab his katana into Blackout's wrist, making him drop the Sword. Ynot then stabbed Ka-Oni-Santsu into Blackout's right eye, and he screamed in pain.

    "Game's up, Blackout." Ynot said, as he pulled out Ka-Oni-Santsu and aimed it at Blackout's neck. Silver-Silver did much the same.

    "That's what you think? Because I emphatically disagree." Blackout responded.

    "I don't think you have much to disagree about." Silver-Silver pointed out.

    "Oh yes I do." Blackout said.

    "You are quite stubborn for someone with two swords pointed at their neck." Ynot said.

    "And you are quite oblivious to the Makuta about to shoot you in the back." Blackout said, and grinned, at which point Xintrix and Grahmah blasted Ynot and Silver-Silver in the back with shadow bolts, allowing Blackout to pick up the Master Sword and begin a swordfight with Ynot.

    "Silver! I'll handle Blackout! You take the Theta Gate out of commission!" Ynot shouted, as he countered Blackout's slash at his neck.

    "You got it!" Silver-Silver shouted and ran upstairs. Xintrix and Grahmah tried to follow him, but he blew them away with a sudden blast of air. He eventually reached the roof, where the Theta Gate was endlessly regurgitating new troops. Silver walked towards the Gate, preparing to disable it, when suddenly a tall, entirely black with glowing yellow eyes and blades for arms rose up in front of him and slashed.


    No amount of sword-fighting could change the fact that Destral was surrounded by three Dreadnoughts that would blow it sky-high the moment the word was given. So in came Blackout's cavalry.

    The Dreadnoughts were preparing to fire upon Destral, when suddenly the Nemesis arrived. It fired two plasma bombs into one of the Dreadnoughts, destroying it. The other two turned, and opened fire on the Nemesis.

    "We're taking fire!" said a random Rahkshi on the bridge of the Nemesis.

    "Yes, Random Rahkshi, I have noticed that, believe it or not." said Ferox, who was sitting in the captain's chair. "We stick with the strategy. Keep it up until we no longer can, then run as fast we can and hope they follow."

    The exchange of fire continued, with the two remaining Dreadnoughts raining fire on the Nemesis and the Nemesis responding in kind with its railguns.


    On the roof of Blackout's base, Silver-Silver cried out in pain as the black being's blade ran across his chest.

    "You have been identified as Silver-Silver." the being said in a mechanical voice. "Enemy of Blackout, I am Oda'Itkan. I will terminate you." It then swung its arm/blade at Silver-Silver again, but this time he dodged and responded by pushing Oda'Itkan away with a blast of wind. They then began fighting.


    Back inside Blackout's base, Blackout and Ynot's swords clashed. Blackout fought fiercely, but his injured wrist made doing anything difficult.

    "For all your bragging, in the end you are the loser!" Ynot said and jumped back, preparing for the final strike.

    "I wouldn't say so. You see, I have you right where I want you....." Blackout replied. As Ynot wondered what that might mean, the tiles beneath him slid away, and a white light began to engulf him.....


    Above Destral, the Nemesis was savagely fighting against the Dreadnoughts. But no amount of savagery could overcome the fact that there were two Dreadnoughts, and one badly-damaged Nemesis.

    "Pull out, ladies and gentlemen." Ferox said. "It seems we're the weakest link in this chain."

    With that order, the Nemesis turned away from the Dreadnoughts, and began to pull away. Predictably, the Dreadnoughts followed.


    On the roof, Silver and Oda'Itkan were still fighting. Silver landed several hits on Oda, but it was learning, and getting faster.

    With a kick, Silver sent Oda flying into a control panel, smashing it to bits. This caused an energy bolt to fly out of the Gate, creating a portal which began to suck things in. The two were able to resist.....but for how long?

    Oda got up, jumped towards Silver, and kicked him slightly nearer to the portal. It then swung its left arm/blade again, wounding Silver yet again.

    "Target damaged. Prediction: one last attack should be sufficient to terminate." Oda said, jumped back, and ran towards Silver again.

    "Perhaps. But if so, you're going down as well." Silver responded, stepped out of the way, and hit Oda with another blast of wind, throwing it into the portal. Silver then fell unconscious from his wounds, and the portal sucked him in as well.


    Ynot tried to move towards Blackout, but found that his movements were being stopped by a thin wall of white light, which was constantly shrinking.

    "What have you done?!" he shouted.

    "I told you I had you right where I wanted you." Blackout said, and laughed. "One must always remember to look behind and below oneself, not just before. You are now caught in the Snare, and that's only the prelude to what awaits you."

    Ynot's vision then began to blur. The view before his eyes began shifting from Blackout to what appeared to be a completely white space.

    "The Snare is displacing you. Your next stop is Chronospace. A plane of existence outside of time and space. There, you shall see all.....but that is all." Blackout said, and laughed again, as Ynot faded away.

    All was done. Ynot was in Chronospace, forced to watch as Blackout took over everything. Silver could not have possibly survived an encounter with Oda'Itkan. Jarr was gone.

    The Matoran Universe, after so many years of struggle, was finally his.

    But it was but a stepping stone. Blackout knew of the Architect, of the Users, of BZPower, of everything. He knew that the world in which he lived was nothing more than a gigantic game played by beings they knew nothing about. And he was not happy.

    He walked to a transmission device, and spoke into it. His voice rang out in every corner of the Matoran Universe, accompanied by persuasion particles which would force everyone who heard him to obey him.

    "Attention, inhabitants of the universe! This is Blackout, your supreme overlord speaking! I have learned that this dying! But this shall not be the end for us! We must build ships to leave before it is too late! Disassemble everything! Every building, everything! We shall not be destroyed!"

    And thus the transmission ended, and with it ended Phase 1.
    Now, Phase 2 was beginning. And with it, so was the symphony of doom for the Architect and his fellow puppetmasters. Their reign will end.....and Blackout's reign will begin.


    Silver-Silver awoke in a desert. He looked around, but there was no sign of Oda'Itkan. Or anything else in fact.

    He walked off in a seemingly random direction, hoping to find other people or at least something that would tell him where he was.

    Where he was.....was in fact.....Bara Magna.


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    Re: The Battle of Destral

    Post by Yenot on Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:10 am

    This is a wonderful wrap up of one of our loose ends.
    But, forgot a little detail.
    Ynot sent KOS off to Xeno before being sealed.
    He landed on Bara Magna, remember?
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    Re: The Battle of Destral

    Post by Kon on Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:50 am

    A great short story! Really gets into more detail what happened there. The only criticism is yeah, I think Ynot's right. ^

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    Re: The Battle of Destral

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