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    The Emblem of the Gods

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    The Emblem of the Gods

    Post by Zev the Reveler on Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:11 am

    The Emblem
    ~ of the ~

    An Experimental RPG

    ~ The Story ~

    In the world of Gallia, strife is a near-constant.

    Almost a millenium ago, the five races of Gallia were pitted against each other by a hidden circle of evil mages. To this day, it is unknown why these sorcerors used their powers to initiate such a war. However, the bloodshed and havoc caused such imbalance that the world began to crumble into nothingness.

    Yet hope was not lost. A small group discovered these mages and sought to oust them, consisting of the outcast Second Prince of the Humans, Joshua; the original seer of the Kateiy, Sibba; the champion of the Goliaths, Ymir; the keenest marksman of the Ferer, Castor; and the bravest rider of the Ekath, Ja'akel. Though many of the allies they made were lost, and a number of trusted friends to their alliance betrayed them, the Five Heroes struck down the mages and sealed their leader beneath the human palace. Even as he sealed the warlock whose name has been lost to time, however, Sibba knew that great ruination would come of his last words:

    "Our struggle has yet to even begin...The Dark Six's greatness is too much for even you to comprehend, wisest of all, Sibba...You Five Heroes are...So...Small..."

    Ever since, the weapons of the Five Heroes have been kept hidden in their race's longlived central palaces, and according to stories, not a one has shown a single sign of wear over the centuries. While most of the heroes are dead and gone, stories say that somehow, in an island mountain range far west of any map, Sibba of the Kateiy still lives, and that Ymir - Of a race known to live for three millenia on average - Protects him still.

    While peace reigned for five centuries after the defeat of the dark mages who corrupted Gallia, the three centuries afterwards saw a slow decline in relations. For the past century, the Humans and the Kateiy have closely allied while neglecting connections to the Ekath and Ferer - And vice-versa - While the Goliaths keep to the towering, shadowy forests of their home and refuse to leave.

    Most disturbingly, the greatest champion of the Humans, Marcus Calthet, has gone missing on a mission to investigate strange attacks on their borders with an uninhabited wasteland to the south. As well, the clerics of the Kateiy tell of poor omens when they look to the palace of the Humans.

    For now, life goes on as normal for the citizens of Gallia.

    No one knows how long this shall last.

    ~ Races ~

    Widely diverse in their abilities, humans are not as great in most skills as other races, but are so well-rounded that they stand as the most prosperous of Gallia's races. The legendary weapon of their race is Joshua's Sword, Audhulma.

    Resembling felines with skin ranging from burnished gold to pale orange, they actually have a very thin layer of fur over their entire bodies. They can also be identified by a tail of various length matching their hair and pointed ears. As well, Kateiy usually have eyes and hair that roughly match their fur - i.e., pale orange fur, red-orange hair, orange eyes.

    Known for being uncrushably optimistic and incorigibly funloving, though Sibba was far older than the other heroes, stories said that his jovial, lighthearted nature kept the group from ever losing hope. The Kateiy are the most in-tune with Gallia's magical forces, and the legendary weapon of their race is Sibba's Tome, Starlight.

    Each uniformly massive in size, with dark silvery skin and messy black hair, the goliaths easily tower above all other races - Nine feet tall at their shortest. Incredibly reclusive, they have not left the ominous Mogall Forest to the far northwest in six centuries. Stories say that they yet hone their skills to protect Gallia should another crisis emerge.

    Calm and primarily pacifistic, the Goliaths are nonetheless Gallia's strongest race - Their skin is said to turn away any unenchanted blade, and even low-level spells ricochet off of them. According to legend, this was a gift from Gallia's creator so that they could survive while refusing to fight. Their legendary weapon is Ymir's Axe, Saldauss.

    Generally resembling lithe, slender humans, the main difference is that every Ferer possesses brightly-colored feathers lining the outer-edge of either forearm, as well as articulated bird's talons for hands and fingers. Preferring not to enter direct combat due to their light frames, as such, they have become masters of the bow and arrow.

    Quiet, softspoken, and reclusive, Ferer are nonetheless known for being arrogant amongst Humans and Kateiy, and only show reverence to the Goliaths, who long ago helped protect their dwindling tribes from extinction. Due to similar assistance, the Ferer have allied with the Ekath. The Ferer's legendary weapon is Castor's Bow, Parthia.

    Widely-varied in appearance, all that binds the Ekath together in appearance are their scales of somber hue, thickly-muscled tails, and their posture, which is hunched to various degrees. Their eyes can be almost any color, and the Ekath are known for possessing an immense genetic variety of colored markings.

    A rough, no-nonsense race, the Ekath have earned an unspoken reputation amongst Humans as "savages" and "scoundrels." In truth, the Ekath have a strict code of honor, which led them to assist the Ferer in a time of need. Though advanced engineers, the use of land-drakes and wyverns as steeds is still their main form of combat, and they revere Ja'akel's Lance, Gravitas.

    ~ Classes by Race ~

    - Soldier [Any Weapon]
    - Rider [Any Weapon, Horseback]
    - Mage [Any Magic]

    - Mage [Elemental Magic]
    - Cleric [Light, Healing Magic]
    - Troubadour [Healing Magic, Horseback]

    - Archer [Bows]
    - Sniper [Bows, Greatbows]
    - Ranger [Horseback, Bows]

    - Rider [Land-Drake, Spears, Axes]
    - Wyvern Rider [Wyvern, Spears]
    - Wyvern Lord [Spears, Axes]

    If it seems there aren't many classes right now, that's because I plan to expand once I get more freetime and I'm sure people want to join.
    Don't wanna put too much work in right away if not many players join.

    ~ Professions ~



    Enchanter [Kateiy-Only]




    ~ ~ ~

    If anyone has ideas for improvement and/or questions to ask,

    Go ahead before joining.

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