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    [GAME] BZPB Lite

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    [GAME] BZPB Lite

    Post by JS on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:23 am

    The following segment paid for by

    BZPower Battles Lite is a new Minigame, In which Players bet L-Coins on the outcomes of battles, The outcome of which is determined by a Random Number generator. Every Wednesday and Friday, A detailed account of the battle will be posted, and the coins distributed to the winners. The winner of each Saga will be the one with, at the end of Six weeks, the greatest amount of coins.

    Your first post should consist of this:

    Name of Character: (Name)
    Current amount of L-Coins: (Amount)

    Everyone starts out with 20 L-Coins. The winning players receive the amount of L-Coins bet divided by the amount of winners (Split).

    To bet, You should post; I bet __ Coins.

    The first battle will occur this Friday (GMT), So place your bets![center]

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